Dublin v Cork All-Ireland SHC quarter-final 31st July

I presume this will be fixed for Semple Stadium next Sat whats the allowed attendance likely to be.

God help us in this one , not going to be pretty was praying foe waterford

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I expect this to be much closer then people expect but Cork to win out

It’s too early in the week to go bi polar on it

I expect us to produce a much better performance then last year against them


Winner gets the honour of being thumped by Limerick in the semifinals. I think Dublin have a serious chance though even though most would have Cork as favorites especially if Eoghan O’Donnell is back.

Open draw for semis no?

I would hope for a win here but by no more than 5 points. It’ll be close I reckon

We’re going much better than last year IMO, defensive setup will mitigate against Cork’s pacey forwards somewhat (hopefully). Can we get the scores to run up a winning total? Clare had more than enough chances to win that game, we’re going to need to be economical with our chances. Can’t be hitting 14+ wides. Need COS to find his feet big time if he starts again.

Is it? Maybe the source I used was wrong then. Well that makes it more interesting then.

A chance for redemption against Cork & to ram it down the other pr*cks throat standing on the line watching.

I think we have it in us to beat them, whether we do or not remains to be seen, but i think we are better placed this year then last.

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The draw has Tipperary playing Waterford and Cork playing Dublin.

As provincial final repeats can’t happen, were both Cork and Tipp to win their quarter finals next Saturday it would be a Limerick-Cork and Tipperary-Kilkenny semi final line-up.

If Waterford and Cork win, the semi final line-up would be Limerick-Waterford and Kilkenny-Cork.

If Waterford and Dublin win, the semi final line-up would be Limerick-Dublin and Kilkenny-Waterford.

If Tipperary and Dublin win, the semi final line-up would be Limerick-Dublin and Kilkenny-Tipperary.

Limerick and Dublin have never met in an All-Ireland semi final but Waterford (2007) and Cork (2018) have previous clashes in the final four.


If we’ve a full deck to choose from, bring the same level we did against Galway, we’re in with a shout.

Compared to last year, Cork got to see us in action more than we saw of them, so, they where better prepared for us, plus we’d come off the back of a huge game against KK.

We’re much more settled this year IMO. Nolan has done well in goal, our back six look more settled with Rushe looking in better form at CB, our midfield of Burke & McBride is working well. Danny has been playing exceptional this year, and although I don’t like it, Cork will have to deal with Crummey in HF line (double marked him last year).

We pumped ball after ball into a free Coleman free (which didn’t help), plus D Burke on the frees and then Hayes in FF as another threat.
If we can get a bigger performance from the rest of our forwards, and have a Plan B, I think we can take them.


Well, to be honest, lads, most of the people down here on the Blood and Bandage are wary of Dublin and not taking anything for granted. What has been said of Cork could also be said of Dublin: it depends on what team turns up. For me it’s all on the day.


Dublin to win by 4.


Two decent teams trying to push to the next level, just hope we can ask more questions than last year.

6 point handicap

Dublin will be seeking their first championship win over Cork since the 1927

We’re due a win, we beat them once every 100 years or so!


Dub Hurlers and Kildare Footballers Double is 40/1!!! Thats free money!



Bollox , another early morning