Dublin v Cork All-Ireland SHC quarter-final 31st July

Love thurles as a ground.I hope we can travel in numbers and give the boys a boost.

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Excuse to go on the piss :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it only on Sky

Yea other game on RTÉ earlier in the day.

Will it be on GAAGO?


Only if you are out forddin

one can access GAAGO with a VPN! My question really is; does GAAGO have a camera there when its a SKY show?

Yeah but all bars close at 1030 and even with that no TV are on in bars …

As I know gaago will take the sky or RTÉ feed but no pre , HT or post analysis …… bit of a pain in the arse

I would say that’s a big plus over RTE ‘analysis’ …:


A few of them might stay in Tokyo as well please god

Sky analysis and the female presenter are streets ahead of that yoke in RTE


Jaysis……… wouldn’t like to rock your boat

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Does she get them out for the lads? The GAA are complete kuntz to give these games exclusively to Sky. My options are the pub (LJ will give out to me!) or the train to Thurles!

Soon they’ll have all bar the Finals …

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Now tv day pass for a tenner


RTE don’t help themselves though

Analysts can’t keep their bias to themselves

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It’ll have cost me 30 quid for the 3 Cork games so far!

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And 35 each game if you went
Pro & cons

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