Dublin v Cork All-Ireland SHC quarter-final 31st July

I’d have paid the 35 if I could get my hands on one.

In fairness Dub/Gal KK/Wex and Cork/Lim for the ten a few weeks ago was very decent.


Yea it adds up but it’s better then subscribing, and is good value if you get a double header.

Especially when he won’t get to see them again after this weekend :wink:

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Are you telling me it’s not worth the money and not to bother?

If you’re planning on sticking comments on the dressing room wall. I’m not commenting :joy:

Anyways some gossip for you.
5 more dubs close contacts.
O’Donnell pulled his flute as well as his hammer & Cian O’C got in a fight with his barber and lost the mullet - both out.


Sky got them becuase tv3 didn’t want them, nor did virgin media Ireland. Gaa need to raise money from TV rights but when you’ve only two TV stations and one isn’t interested you have to resort to plan b otherwise u are dictated to by the broadcaster.

Same with radio. For all their whinging a few years back about losing the rights the bid put in by newstalk was so low it was unreal.

If you get the train to thurles you’ll be sorted for the match. Hayes bar has sky.


Can’t agree with that.

The deal was extended to a five year one in Oct 2016 and was kept very low key. Can only wonder why. Virgin only took over TV3 that Summer and I’d imagine were still taking stock. During bidding for the original rights two years previously there wasn’t a lot between Sky and TV3 in bidding terms but the GAA seemed to favour the PPV option over free terrestrial TV.

I assume negotiations are already underway for a new deal and I would be surprised if Virgin Media don’t seek a slice of the action. Who knows … maybe RTE will lose out ….

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It was rumoured at the Time that TV3 had other issues which ruled them out of contention when the rights went to tender last time. Don’t know how true that was but VM took them over soon after.
RTÉ may lose out next time. Like a lot of things the impact of Covid may mean permanent changes. GAAGO has, by all accounts, been a success. What are the chances that the GAA will look at that model for the future rather than the traditional TV station model?

Amazon Prime heavily touted to be involved too

VM have said straight out they are not interested. sure liberty, who own VMI, want shut of it anyway. All Virgin Media seems to be interested in is rugby. That means if the GAA wants to be able to get any decent return from RTE they need Sky to be in the picture.

VM have lost half the rugby they had. Genuinely have not read anywhere that they said they were not interested. I’d imagine ads around GAA games could be quite the money spinner. They aren’t stupid.

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Virgin may also bid for certain GAA rights such as league matches or the club championships, Mr Farrell indicated, but does not intend to target the All-Ireland senior football or hurling competitions.

“The summer bit doesn’t do it for us, to be honest,” he said.

Paul Farrell, managing director. they’re using the money earmarked for the champions league to ensure they keep the six nations.

But they only got to share the 6N with RTE. Maybe he’s not showing his cards!

My IPTV, 10 quid per month, also provides al Gaa Go games that they are showing.

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All 4 who missed the leinster final are back which is a big plus

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Paul played juvenile for Innisfails

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im keeping that fact for the next GAA pub quiz :smiley:

No wonder he’s no interest in the GAA.

I see James Owens is the ref on Saturday.
Surely he owes us for the 2013 semi final and the league semi final in 2015. Actually both against Cork!


Please delete that post before @alanoc gets to read it! :wink: