Dublin v Galway down in Galways at the weekend - Leinster SHC round whatever

After that somewhat dispiriting thumping thanks to the cats can the lads lift it for this one?

Still have the same issues of who on earth is going to score a goal for Dublin this summer? Can we try a different attacking strategy because since the league we’re blunter than a blunt thing in bluntland?

Personally I’d like to see Danny given a run at full forward, I wouldnt right Danny off just yet…maybe he doesnt have the youth for the wing forward role anymore but he’d be a handful one on one with the last defender. Throw Hayes out centre/wing forward if he isnt catching the ball/whip on it or knock it down. There is more in Hayes…we have not gotten it from him. Paddy Smyth done well last week but I’d like him and Eoghan o Donnell swapped too. O’Donnell would seriously strenghten our half back line I think. He would prevent ball going into the full backline and he has the power and speed required to actually break through the lines with strong running and create attacks.


Dubs by 7 easing up.

Fcuk knows at this stage.


Who knows. Depends on how they feel. Ridiculous really.

We have a very good recent record v Galway but the downing of tools in the second half is a massive worry id agree with trying Danny full forward but no way move o donnell out of full back or we could ship 5 goals


Danny to 6. Have been saying it for years now but Daly wouldn’t return my calls and mattie has blocked me too.

It’s his best position and he can dominate a game from there.


We have loads of good defenders so please please dont put Danny at 6. I know he would be excellent there but we need players up front. I did suggest him in the corner but even at 14 he would be more dangerous than what we currently have in the FF line.


Do we though.

Dunphy and O’Donnell aside but they are full backs. I’m not sure current HBL are up to it.

So are you seriously suggesting we put round pegs into square holes and then put square pegs into round holes ?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I never mentioned pegs.

I’m suggesting Danny is played at 6. The place where he played all his underage hurling and his best and most effective position. IMO.

I will spell it out to you …slowly !
IMO…we have enough good defenders and not enough good forwards. Why would we take one of our better forwards and play him as a defender? We tried Rushe ( an All Star defender) as a forward and that didn’t work out so well IMO.

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Yea we’re lighter in forwards then backs. Danny’s not scoring much currently tho. In fact whole forward setup is not functioning really.

I’m not sure we’re as strong as we think we are at the back either. Conceded 3-25 vs ordinary enough KK attack.

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Well true. The goals were poor maybe I’m wrong but without having watched it back (not going to put myself through that), I have a sense that the Defense held it together longer then the other end of the pitch. Ball was coming back as soon as they cleared it. Eventually they caved in.


Danny seems to be popping up in very deep positions anyway, I know you want your half forwards working back but he’s very deep at times and doesn’t seem to be scoring. We need him in the forwards making those runs off the shoulder popping over a couple of points a game and being a goal threat etc.

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It was a game of tennis though at times

They were knackered with 20 to go

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Even our ff line isn’t a goal threat.

He’s trying to put out fires everywhere and hasn’t the legs

It’s 6 or 14 now I’m open to either .

Also Donal at 11 is a must . He can float from there

Far too limiting having him on the wing.

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Nope, we’re just so blunt. 1 goal in 4 games and that was a late one by Considine v Laois in round 1. Considine has played a whole 10 minutes and out goaled the rest of the team over 4 games.

Yea he is but Danny needs to be spending as much time and energy up there helping the attack.

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Galway by 6+
I’m being modest