Dublin v Galway - Leinster GAA Hurling Senior Championship, Sun, May 28, 2023 @2PM Croke Park

Decent performance v Kilkenny the last day, great work rate from the lads, need to keep that up and try and get the balance right now in the FF line. Need more scores from that line.

Is this on any media platform?


Grand. The Da not up to live games any more. Didn’t see it last night. I’ll check now.

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You’ll have to go to the catch-up page.

For Dublin vs. Galway?

Can’t see it anywhere. Why would it be on catch up?

Ah, sorry, i thought you meant the KK game. (seems still hunogver)

Not sure what the coverage is for next weekend.

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could be antrim v westmeath or kk v wex

As Dublin vs. Galway is basically a knock out surely that’ll be the one. Antrim/Westmeath would be ridiculous.

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Hey, it’s rte! A few weeks ago wex v kk might have looked like the one to show.

It’ll be KK v Wex, with Marty on the line in Cusack Pk for live updates…


Definitely isn’t any more

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Have we a full deck to pick from, or any injuries?

Daire Grey went off injured, hayes is gone for the season i’d say, clean bill of health otherwise.

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Will be away for this meself but good that’s it’s a double header with the footballers, can only boost our support. For whatever reason, of the Top 7 teams, Galway have always been the one we’ve had most joy against. I don’t think any of us would dispute the fact they’re a good bit ahead of us in the pecking order and results in our head-to-head meetings outside of Dublin reflect that. For some bizarre reason though that all seems to go out the window once they’re inside The Pale, in fact we’ve never lost a Senior Championship game to them in Dublin. Sure, we went decades without playing them but it’s 3 wins and 1 draw against them up here in the Leinster Championship, including of course that never to be forgotten day 10 years ago when we were finally reunited with Bob O’Keeffe. So absolutely no reason to believe this is beyond us when even recent history says we can do it.


Great to get out of Leinster now, these games will really stand to lads like Donohoe, Grogan, and Sean Currie who I thought all did really well and are still novices at this grade.

Sure Donohoe took the ball into contact a few times which isn’t ideal but he’s learning. The rest of the defense did well, O’Donnell had a great game a really drove out a few times. Conor Burke had a few great fetches and did Paddy Smyth.

Grogan had some good moments and seems like he’s growing into this level. O’'Leary had a few moments. big strong lad.

Danny was brilliant I thought. Won so much ball. Donal was good without shooting the lights out like he can sometimes. Boland quiet enough. COS had a really tough game, Crummy likewise and Considine didn’t fare much better when he came in. I thought Sean Currie had a few good moments, won some tough ball on the ground, set up Danny with a nice bounce pass, and took a nice score.

Purcell took two great scores when he came in, his pace, footwork, confidence, and striking are top-drawer.

To trouble Galway we need more from that 2 man FF line.

All in all, it feels like we’re getting better with each game, hopefully, that trend continues. Already a good season imo, Laying some groundwork for next season.


Going to need to need our two man ff line to be more effective the they were v kilkenny, cos (who I rate) was poor enough, barely won one ball and crummy won ball but didn’t score.

Actually thought Donohue was fouled a few times when he took the ball into contact and no free given yet Danny was punished a number of times for very soft stuff

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Am I right in thinking that if Dublin beat Galway on Sunday we’d be in the Leinster Final?