Dublin v Galway - Leinster GAA Hurling Senior Championship, Sun, May 28, 2023 @2PM Croke Park

Couple of very harsh ones given against Danny alright.

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Think so

Lads a bit of an aside here but it’s getting mentioned on the KK thread and this one and that is “taking the ball into contact”.

Maybe I’m mad but that is something I would be demanding from players. The only reason not to is obviously if the right pass or shot is on but a lot of time it isn’t. Players need to be able to take the ball into contact in todays hurling in order to advance up the pitch. Hitting the ball 70 yards delivery is few and far between. For me taking the ball into contact isn’t an issue but losing the ball in contact is. I wouldn’t agree with any tactic that tried to avoid it in hurling, it’s a must and it’s a must to get good at it.

Football is a different matter, handing the ball backwards and sidewards is the name of the game there and has been for a right few years, I can see the logic there.

Fair comment, it’s losing it that the problem

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But the likes of Limerick and KK foul constantly ‘in contact’ and get away with it. Ask Tipp on the weekend. Two lads wrap one arm each around you and you either lose the ball or concede a free for ‘over-carrying’ as you were rendered immobile by being fouled.


Yes unless Wex beat Kk

Depends. By all means take on 1 man, but if you take it into contact against 2 or more you risk getting turned over.

And there was no such thing as a ‘turn-over’ in hurling until widespread fouling became an accepted part of the game. If players had two hands on the hurl, it could not happen.

I was about to say the “stop bringing it into contact” has become the new “two hands on the hurl” that you hear shouted from sidelines up and down the country.

Two hands on the hurl is probably the most in-effective way to lift the ball which is why little or no inter county players do it. Trying to lift a ball at full speed with 2 hands on the hurl without breaking stride is some job. Also in the rucks, it’s one handed roll lifts because the free arm, legs, hips and arse are required to keep incoming hurls and hands away from the ball so the jab lift can be completed.

Rather than shouting two hands on the hurl at a kid when he misses his lift, the emphasis maybe should be on protecting the ball so the lift can be executed. We can combine the two things that I’m moaning about and say “don’t lift the ball into contact!”

Anyway back to the topic at hand. I’m confident we can beat Galway, it’s more a gut feeling than any sort of unrealistic expectations. The scoreline flattered Kilkenny the other day, we have improved this year in my opinion and still have another gear to go.


I did not say ‘two hands on the hurl to lift the ball’ anywhere. The point I was making is that backs used to be coached to hold the stick with two hands and push forwards away from goals, out to the sidelines. Now they spread their arms as widely as they can and the forwards have to ‘break the tackle’ which essentially means enduring being fouled and trying to keep going until the backs let go. It’s bullshit.


No I take your point.

it just reminded me of the “Two hands on the hurl” that you hear on every sideline and see in most coaching courses. Its just something you dont see at county or senior club level these days. The only skill I can think of that requires it is striking.

Anyway, Im going to get myself a bad (worse) name around here for bringing threads off on a tangent.


It did to a degree, though the ref gave them some handy enough frees, and they just had a little more firepower, of our named ff line only Currie scored, even tho he spent most of the game deeper with the two lads inside.

We won’t beat Galway with a repeat of that. Cos also drew a blank v Wexford but he had a decent game that day, whereas v kk nothing came off for him. Crummy was good when he came on v Wexford but didn’t have a great day in Nowlan either, which is worrying as Galway will be on a par with KK obviously.

I’m not so sure. I wasn’t at the KK match but we were lucky to beat Wexford and they were very poor that day. Am I right in thinking if we beat Galway we would be ahead of them in the table given head to head result?
If so, they’ll be bringing their A game and I think they’re 8-10 points better than us*

*outside Parnell Pk

Looks like Dub v Galway is the early live match on the Sunday Game btw.


Fair points

Maybe I’m just used to us turning up against Galway in championship. It’s a good litmus test of where we are development wise in my opinion. Bit of extra bite to it given who our current manager is


We improved a lot from Wexford to kk games, played with a bite and a good work rate, and far fewer nervous mistakes. Not error or issue free but better. Hopefully, we can continue that tread. not sure we have the firepower currently to outscore Galway but hopefully a few tweaks can see things work better. Oh and play Purcell.


O Donnell on Whelan could be interesting! The FF line will need low ball and will need to run all day. At a minimum, our forwards mustn’t let the ball out easily.


O’Donnell is probably the only one we have with the pace to deal with Whelan alright

His runs forward late in the game caused havoc v KK, would love to see him playing 6 at some stage for an experiment.


Looking forward to the game Sunday.
Be a good test against a strong side who we have a good record against. So shouldn’t fear them in any way.
Obviously going on form ya have to fancy Galway but interesting to see how we go.
Performances seem to be getting better game by game so thats a positive trend.
Next question now. Do i bother staying for the football or head off to watch Limerick and Cork. That has the makings of being a cracker!!


Go out to the 1884 on the Malahide Road. Get chicken wings and watch the hurling!