Dublin v Kerry - All-Ireland Semi-final- Croke Park - 10th July 2020 @3.30pm

Here we go again


Do we know what ails McCarthy and Con ?

Dessie didn’t reveal it in his presser and would only say they were”up against time” to make the game

No. but rico does. he always seems to know what’s going on etc in terms of retirements. he says con has a fractured ankle.

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The Keepers would hardly strike the fear of Jaysus in you with that performance. Competent? Yes. A shoo in to win the AI? Hardly.
It was always going to come down to this. A chance for Kerry to redeem themselves after years and years of heartache and loss to the Dubs. I fancy our chances, depleted and decimated by cursed injuries as we are. It’s been a long time since Kerry beat Dublin in the Champo.
Up the Super Dubs.


Long,long time since we haven’t been favorites going into a championship match

True but don’t think any of the semi finalists did enough this weekend to establish them as strong favourites really.

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You nailed it. Wide open. Pretty shitty champo. Little to enthuse about. Football has gone to fcuk.

Honestly ,as long as dubs win all Ireland I couldn’t give a fook how we did it ,will celebrate it like we won the five in a row.


Someone on twitter said tickets on sale 3pm tomorrow

Ok down to the meat of the All Ireland series, after today how do we feel the semi final will go.

I’m just delighted that it’s a Kerry Dub semi final - because we won’t have to listen to endless angst about how many will be in attendance on the day :grinning:


thread already

Lets go. 50/50 game with or without Con. If Mayo had converted half their chances they’d be our opponents.

Mayo, were their old selves problem scoring and shooting plenty wides. Kerry won comfortably without playing terribly well but they will improve. We need to improve and up our game and hope we have a chance of getting our injured players back. Hopefully James hammer isnt to bad and it was more cautious him not playing against Cork. Con Ibelieve has chipped bone.

Is a chip worse or better than a fracture ?
Big chip worse than small chip I’d say.
Dear me. 2 weeks of this.

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Where did you hear that? At this rate, he’ll have no toes by the end of the week.


I never said where he had the chipped bone but its not in his feet.

Has he still got feet?