Dublin v Kilkenny - Leinster GAA Hurling Senior Championship Sat, May 20, 2023 Nowlan Park at 6 PM

Always a tricky one, hope now the points from the Wexford game are in the bag that we can play with a little more freedom and go for it.

Can’t seen anything other than a double digit bearing unfortunately. KK going well.


You’re probably right but I didn’t think we had much of a chance against Wexford either and was proved wrong. KK different gravy to Wexford in fairness though

There’s no comparison at all between them. Unfortunately.

No interest in moral victories, and not expecting getting a result in next two games. But I am hoping for ambition and bite in our play for next two games; a lot more than we have seen in our games vs Kilkenny in last two years, and in Salthill last year.

Important for the medium-term development of this squad under MD and in general we go out with a measured and positive mindset/brand of hurling vs top hurling teams in the country


Far too often Dublin have left championships with a whimper , a pat on the back from the culchie whispering in your ear “sure your doing great things up in Dublin” at the same time wishing they could play us every year
Whatever the result I hope to god Dublin set out their stall to not be intimidated , to at least try and impose their hurling on the match , leave there, letting the opposition knowing they’ve been in a game and not want to meet us again any day soon .
Big Ask ?
The players are there to do it


You’d hope so, MD seems to like the bigger lads so at least we shouldn’t be pushed around.

Worry about pace in the backline in places, and we need to just go for it and leave the nerves out of it, if we make as many unforced errors as we did v Wexford then kk will murder us.

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Kilkenny still a way off your normal KK teams. Reckon they’ll only win by 7 or 8.

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Hoping a few of the new guys show signs that they can compete at this level now and into the future. Guys like Grogan & Donohoe are still in their intercounty infancy really.

I too would be worried about pace in the back line and the form of O’Donnell… How will be play it, I wonder… Wexford victory should give some confidence in that we didnt fold when river was bursting in those last 10… Hasnt been mentioned yet but Boland’s contribution was really poor the last day… He hardly touched the ball but more worrying was his chasing back…Occupying a pivotal roke as one of the wing forwards he simply cant be off form this week… If he is and cant pick up the loose where do our puck outs go if KK press…All to Danny? Jeez they’ll have seen his form and will have earmarked him for attention…Lots of attention, the KK way…

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Very hard to see us being competitive here. Never mind that we have a relatively inexperienced team we have completely underperformed v KK in recent seasons. There’s akin to a mental block when we play them.

Great to finally see Danny play like we know he can, and there’s very few at the level of Donal Burke. That’s it really. 15+ point win for KK would be my expectation


Think your 15 prediction could happen if we have one of “ those days “ which we are capable of
I’m hopeful Dublin put in a performance than at the very least shows genuine improvement
As others have said this isn’t a great kK team , but if they beat us by 15 points we are nearly in Louth country

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The disappointing thing about recent games v KK is that we just don’t seem to be up for a battle with them. Just toothless going through the motions. Wexford on the other hand seem well able to give them a game and actually beat them.


It’s not a great kk team no, but it’s a rebuilding Dublin as well. V Wexford they had twice as many appearance across the team as we had.

It’s not but unless we have some fire in the belly we ain’t going to be competitive with them.

I would also be worried about pace in the fullback line wexfords corner forwards caused us a bit of hassle the last day out

Sure, doesn’t need to be a once-in-a-generation kilkenny to beat a rebuilding Dublin lets face it, and while they’re not a vintage KK group, they’re going well enough, and have our number the last while.

Will the match be on TV or GAAGO?

Neither afaik - GaaGo showing Kerry v Mayo and Galway v Tyrone on saturday

Was advertised as being on gaago

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