Dublin v Kilkenny - Leinster GAA Hurling Senior Championship Sat, May 20, 2023 Nowlan Park at 6 PM

I was in the car yesterday and the 2-15 to 0-05 half time score came up with the presenter saying that’s that. I even said to the young lad is there any point in having Westmeath in this competition. Just shows ya …

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Agree but it’s not a fait the compli that Waterford would beat both or one of them . They could for sure

He completely misses the point on that

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In the football squad :frowning:

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But would she still be your sister ?

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Ah the score is the score though. Not hitting wides is a skill and if Wex didn’t have it, they don’t deserve to win.

But generally I would have no complaints. With all the squad withdrawals, getting out of Leinster is a great achievement. I never expected it at the start of the year.


We’d have taken it 6 weeks ago .

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Didn’t they hit a similar number v Westmeath last year, when they drew up in Westmeath so it’s definitely a weakness of theirs. And Westmeath seem to be troublesome for them.

Do think we’re improving each week, hopefully it continues this weekend.

It’s bizarre, they can’t beat WM but can beat KK and do regularly!