Dublin V Kilkenny: Sat May 14th 2022 @19:00 - Parnell Park (LSHC Round 4) [every county has its fans who have expectations raised above realistic goals]

Sure we have no hope


The hope that kills you , there is a chance , we go in as big underdogs, all we can do is turn up get behind the lads and pray Lady Luck is on our side


Will TJ be back for this?

Not sure, he’s been struggling with injury for a while hasn’t he.

Will tickets for this be on general sale?? Nothing listed on Gaa ticket system at present…

All i can see is terrace on Ticketmaster

I was told in another thread that the stand sold out a while ago. Hope it’s a dry day.

We basically need to win this game or against Galway, I was lucky enough to purchase a stand ticket couple of days ago. This we’ll be a sell out IMO

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Let’s hope a few more dubs travel than the Wexford match…

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We will win both!!

Then que Westmeath hurlers objecting to playing our Leinster Final in Croker.

A tight semi versus Waterford will see us squeak into the final and after a replay take Liam home under a barrage of protests from Westmeath Laois and Westmeath again!

Then Westmeath apologises as they thought it was the footballers!


Is this one on Tv does anyone know??

Yes live on Sky


I think we will beat Kilkenny. I just have that feeling. Mind you, my feelings are often wrong, in these matters. That is all!

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This is going to be a ferocious game. No place for boys.


I think the first area to address for the players - before tactics, positions or anything else - is physicality. We simply must match Kilkenny in this area and not get bullied. And there is no reason why we shouldn’t. But in the past we haven’t. We must.


I think its fair to say most Dublin fans , players and coaches Know what KK will bring, the elephant in the room is ourselves ? Which version of Dublin are we going to get ?
Our best version competes and have it in them to get the win
Our ugly sister version delivers a very disappointing almost soul destroying performance
Lets go with the first , lets hope fingers crossed, lads turn up and perform and see if its enough


–Lets go with the first , lets hope fingers crossed, lads turn up and perform and see if its enough–

Yes before all tactics this is the deciding factor next Saturday evening, looking forward to it

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Got 3 tickets on ticketmaster this morning. :clap::clap:

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Stand or Terrace

scorers in the three games to date:

  • D Burke 0-36 (13 from play - 23f)
  • McBride 0-8
  • F Whitely 0-7
  • C Crummey 0-5
  • A Considine 1-0
  • J Madden 0-3
  • R Hayes 0-3
  • C Burke 0-3
  • P Crummey 0-1
  • E O’Donnell 0-1
  • D Ryan 0-1
  • A Mellett 0-1
  • C O’Callaghan 0-1
  • D Sutcliffe 0-1

Considering we’ve faced two of the supposedly weaker teams there are not nearly enough scores from the FF line, just the one goal from Considine.