Dublin v Laois : 16 Apr at 18:30 Parnell Park (Leinster Senior Hurling Round 1)

May as well get the ball rolling on this one.

A random jumble of thoughts …

Decent league, KK game was pretty disappointing but teams have days like that in the league and no one bats an eyelid so we shouldn’t get too down about it.

Considine came good in his last cameo, I wonder has he more to offer than Paul Crummy? Who I feel is a good player but is not a prolific scorer. Would be great to have COS back fit but after such a bad hammer injury (i think they said 14 weeks) he might not be right this summer will he? how long ago did he get the injury?

I’d have liked Kenny to try Mellett in midfield, his pace would be a big asset there and I think C.Burke could hold down 6 very effectively. I’d still prefer Crummy back at HB and Boland in midfield as well if he’s back in time.


Hope I’m wrong but outlook isn’t good for certainly Leinster championship. Hope I’m wrong


Feck’s sake, thats a huge blow.

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Whats the story with Liam Rushe? Why do people on here keep forgetting him?

Probably time to move on .

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For me i would think there is a place on the panel for him. I don’t think there is a place in the starting 15 though


Probably because he hasnt done much for a year or two , LR Ive gone on record here was ruined by coaches playing him everywhere and anywhere then bulking him up then sliming him down , then the dreaded injuries
Quality player at his best its a big ask as to will we would ever see that again , be great if we did


He played well last year at 6 but with Conor Burke assisting as cover. The two together still could not shut down the Cork and Kilkenny overlapping runs.

Paddy Smyth at 6 had a good league as well but I fear for him pace wise when the pitches are rock hard and the game is being played at hundred miles an hour.


This, exactly, we cannot afford to play the three of those guys at the same time IMO and Burke’s pace will be an issue in midfield if he stays there for the summer. So really for me, you’re looking at one of Rushe, Smyth or C.Burke for the 6 shirt and fast wingbacks on either side.


What is Dublin chances this year in Championship?

Getting out of Leinster would be a good season imo.

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We are 9 out of 11 with the bookies for the McCarthy Cup. Only Westmeath and Laois are at longer odds. Can’t really argue with that.

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Any word on Dunphy’s injury?

Think he is ok.


Fully agree

Would be fantastic

I think this is the best team we’ve had under Kenny . It’s definitely the best forward line we’ve had

The Laois game is simply a must win.

Have to say as much as I dislike Cody he’s rebuilt Kilkenny into a good team again and they are clear favourites in Leinster

Having Dublin 9th out of 11 allows Dublin to come in under the radar a bit

I think Wexford and Clare are flattered a little in that mix

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The fact that Dublin are 9 out of 11 is really quite shocking. After all the money and effort, very little to show. Dublin need to make leinster final. Avoid Kk and that should be achievable

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Dublin beat Galway last year and reached a Leinster final

Wexford are higher up in the betting because of an inflated league position that was shown up for what it was last week

Dublin had a good league marred by one poor performance

6th or 7th is more accurate I think


Certainly improving now, and I feel could do again over the next couple of years. Not 100% sure who our best 15 is but is that not a good sign? I still have worries about pace in a couple of areas and not sure Kenny is seeing it that way, so that’s a worry. Getting one or two guys back from injury would certainly help but they’ve been out so long now they might not be right in time.