Dublin V Laois O Moore Park April 23rd @3:30pm

First round away to Laois in what would be three games in four weeks if we make it to the Leinster final .

This season is a little different. It will be more about utilising a panel of 23 or 24 + smartly and we might be best having some different starters in the early stages. If there was a game to take a little chance on a player, this might be it. ie: start a periphery player or a Mannion/Jack Mc to get proper game time.


For those not travelling to the vast metropolis of Portlaoise, I think that RTÉ are showing the game.

I very much doubt it. Not live anyway

GAA Go will stream it.

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Ultimately just a low level challenge match in the most one sided of provinces . This is where playing in division 2 this year didn’t help .

Any of the injured players who need a run out should start this one

I’d be wrapping the others up for the serious business later in the year


They need games to keep the eye in tho, although some key players played an awful lot of league games. You’d hope mannion and jack might get a run, if we can get them both up to speed they’ll be serious assets.


You’d imagine the team will be comming on the back of a heavy training block into this week

If we win the province it will be six games in the next eight weeks I think so can’t be too much heavy training in between


In Portugal last week weren’t they

Stevo had them tucked in, in bed, by 9 pm I heard.
Couple of players sent home for playing foreign game on the beach with some local association football supporters during their ‘me time’.


First time since 1912 Dublin are playing a championship game against Laois in County Laois. Back then it was in Maryboro (I think O’Moore Park was built yet.)

I’m sure Dessie will put out a reasonably strong but there may be a couple changes. Mannion and McCaffrey getting some game time whether starting or coming on later off the bench would be beneficial for sure.

Three points that should be stressed in this game should be about accuracy, commitment and ruthlessness. There is a very good chance they can blow this open early on but its about going the full 70 minutes and turning in a full performance which was definitely a problem for a lot of the league.

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I think we played Laois in Portlaoise in 2016 or so ?

Beat Carlow there in 2017, a certain Mr Connolly was sent off & got a lengthy ban


We played there back in 1978 v Offaly, the day the goal post fell down and Johnner McCarthy scored a late goal to give Dublin an undeserved win.


They played each other in 2016 and it was held in Nowlan Park in Kilkenny. Dean Rock scored a goal in the opening 15 seconds.

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Oh no … I was subconciously trying to forget.
PTSD :astonished:


I was mixing up Nowlan Park and Portlaosie O’M Park @Ohm_Flatley

There’s the makings of a book or a play in there somewhere !

We’ve played a few games in Portlaoise in recent times?!

I think in the 70s, (and possibly ever before?)alot of Leinster Champ games were played at neutral venues, some counties might’ve had reciprocal arrangements, and other use of the stadiums might have occasionally been a factor.

In the 80s and 90s I think it changed to home & away alternating arrangements for earlier rounds, then neutral venues for the semi-finals, and of course the final in PAC. As we know, Croker was considered a neutral venue for all county teams.

It may just have been by chance that Dublin and Laois never met post-60s & pre-00s in a year when Laois were due to play at home, and when the H&A arrangement was the system?

Game will be shown on GAAGo