Dublin v Laois - Round 5 - Allianz Hurling League Roinn 1 Sun, Mar 20, 2022 at 1.45pm O'Moore Park

Hope the lads can get back to winning ways, we were poor enough the last day really, touch looked way off where it had been but might have been caused by KK tackling.

I Hope Kenny tries a few things but have a feeling he’ll give the same team a chance to redeem themselves.

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Hope? Another loss to Laois and Kenny May head off that day.

He had a 15 v15 in Parnell Park last Thursday i would suspect that was to get the kilkenny game out of the system
Lose to laois and kenny is gone simple as that but we will beat them easily enough they are safe so no pressure or no big performance needed

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Bit of a chicken and egg scenario , talk about Dublin should be beating Laois and your losing the run of yourself , equally many feel there is a Leinster in this squad which means you should be beating Laois if thats true
Taking the old adage of one game at a time , lessons I believe will be learnt few lads brought down to earth by a slap of black and amber Im confident of a Dublin win

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Agree yea, It’s always the same v Laois, but down there they’re a trickier proposition. We looked a long way off a Leinster the last day anyways so hopefully get back tk something resembling good form. It’s a pity the hurling league is so short.

Nothing specific about the Kilkenny loss. There has been plenty of them midweek all league long.

A similar performance as the Tipp & Waterford game, we’ll beat Laois.

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You’ll be happy then… name the best replacement though

And it won’t be happening to my eyes. Dublin will turn it around and back to level of earlier performances

I’ll be happy when he, or anyone, solves the issue of our inconsistency.

I’ll be back here Sunday with popcorn if we don’t win

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Funnily enough i hope we draw with laois (never want to see the dubs loose) but if Waterford beat kilkenny it would see Dublin play Cork in a semifinal and after the kilkenny game i don’t think we could handle Cork at the minute

Playing an in-form Cork would be a good gauge of where we are, and more importantly where we want to progress to/what gaps we need to fill. Those gaps may be minor (hopefully), or more significant.

Either way I would rather the players to know ahead of the championship, by playing Cork in league semi-final.

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cork really don’t suit us at all, I’d prefer anyone else.

At some point we’re going to have to get used to playing against teams that don’t suit us.


Sure, but we’ve played cork and their pace is a massive problem for us. Not sure how you get used to that.

Me neither, but we’re not the coaches. :slight_smile:

Just as well

Win, then see how kilkenny have done.if were through couldn’t care less who we play.


Strange selection

Strange is one word for it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: