Dublin V Mayo- Sunday July 2nd - Croke Park 4.00pm

Season starts now


Hopefully not starts … and ends.

This will tell us where we are, hopefully, the good Dublin turn up!


Hard to pick out a starting 15 not knowing whether Bulger, Costello or Byrne are fully fit .

Tough decisions for Dessie who has juggled things a bit so far but will need to make a couple of big calls this weekend. We should have a decent bench though

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For what it’s worth Costello said on Newstalk a week back that he’d picked up a heel injury v the Rossies but hopefully he’d be fit for the next game.

Hearing a player get specific about an injury. Not the done thing in 2023!

He’ll heal his heel.

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It stared yesterday :wink:

hopefully heel be ok and I’ll say a few heel Mary’s for him


Tix on sale now

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All Ticketmaster at their usual bolloxology of releasing areas bit by bit.

Just booked flights and accommodation. Not sure should I buy the first best tickets available, or should I wait. I reckon a minimum 60,000. Will we sell it out do you think?

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Soft tissue …

Was working it out with lads . Dublin Mayo stand-alone would bring 45-50k I’d say

Add Derrys probably 10k and cork 500

Plus 5k causals, will be pretty full I’d say


Real 50/50 game, as it always is against Mayo.

Worried that our lack of Division 1 football and some unconvincing performances so far this year leave us undercooked for a Mayo side that always turn up against us.

Yesterday’s game will give Mayo a huge boost. Fearing a 1-2 point defeat, obviously hoping that I’m proven wrong.

Should be a great game either way!


Cork will bring 2,000 I reckon. They brought a decent crowd to the Páirc. They will fancy their chances against Derry.

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Even harsher because he wasn’t even have a pop. :joy:


cork 500 that includes the Panel

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Just seen heavy rain and a turn in the weather predicted for about 9pm on Sunday over here (England).

Hopefully it doesn’t happen in Dublin earlier in the day.

They are not very good this year.
Bugler, Jack and Murch all play and Cormac fit for frees and we should have more than enough.

Diarmuid O’C seems nailed on for POTY irrespective of the outcome.

We would minimum have to get to a semi final and do decent in it for that to happen.
These awards are often weighted with a bias towards the last 3 rounds of the year.

So I hope you are right.

Did you mean the Mayo one?