Dublin v Meath 2001 or 1999?

Can anybody fill in the gaps/confirm I have this right.

Ollie Murphy scored 1-5 from play against Dublin in Leinster when Tommy Carr was managing if my memory serves me correctly. I think it was pre backdoor which would make it 1999 and I think he was being marked by Shane Ryan. Does that sound right?

Cos I remember Carr getting awful stick for not changing the corner back, but my memory was of me defending Carr cos Dublin’s best man-marker was already on him.

Can anybody confirm that A) it was 1999 and not 2001 B) it was Shane Ryan marked him and not Peadair Andrews or other C) he scored 1-5 from play D) the same man marked him from start to finish

It’s s reference for an article I’m writing so need to be 100% sure the details are spot on.


not 100% but think it was 1999 and peader andrews sounds about right

it was 1999. And the goal was Davy Byrne’s error and peadar was the man marker

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Definitely was Peadar.
Remember feeling so sorry for him that day.

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Right so, I’ll go with that. Thanks. I had Peadair Andrews in my head. Must have been that people were saying that they should have switched Shane Ryan onto him.

And it was definitely 1-5 Murphy scored?

Definitely got 1-5 that day. I have a half-memory of Carr, or possibly Crean, saying that they were trying to switch Andrews off Murphy for a while but he couldn’t hear them over the roar of the crowd!!

Good stuff. Thanks. My memory was me defending Carr because if their best corner back couldn’t hold Murphy, why did people think another corner back would? So that all makes sense.

The irony of it all…

Carr wasn’t good enough to displace Curran, Barr or Heary from the half-back line in '92. He wasn’t a corner-back. But the insistence of Carr (as captain) being selected on the team, one way or another, was a big reason why Dublin lost to Donegal.