Dublin v Monaghan - Saturday 15th July - Croke Park 5:30PM

Start yizzer engines…

Dubs by 6 pts+

And lets show our true colours by applauding Conor McManus whenever he comes on, or goes off.


Cake walk. I’m dusting off my boots


Would have to have a complete off day to lose

Just can’t see Monaghan posting enough scores to win .

An early goal for Dublin and it’s game over

Are they better than the last time we played them in knockout? They were tipped to run us close that day and early goals killed it if I recall correctly. I imagine they will do everything not to concede goals this time.

I wouldn’t say so myself . Having watched them twice this year

Similar to Derry I can’t see an ultra defensive plan in CP working for 75 minutes unless the opposition kick 15 wides

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ticketmaster up to the usual…


Absolutely buzzing for this one. Not being available Sundays due to work the only senior game I’ve been to since Derry away was the day out in Kilkenny. Obviously there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since but I want a small bit of revenge for them relegating us last year.

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Getting something went wrong when I go to order tickets. Have people been able to order?

Confident enough but hope naively that Monaghan will play a bit of football. Know Monaghan Armagh was pretty cagey but I thought Monaghan at least tried to play. Armagh showed a terrible lack of ambition being so defensive. I know nothing though I’d have taken Colm Basquel off the panel earler in the season. Since the championship I’d have him as one of the first names on the sheet. Don’t feel so bad after listening to the Joe Brolly podcast with Pat Gilroy where he put 9 of the names from the 2009 team that he would never have play for Dublin again.

connection issues at the end, but they are only giving selling dregs of places. no hill/nappy even. odd spots in the canal corner and way in the gods at the end of the cusack.

Thanks for letting me know. See nothing myself. Maybe have to go out completely and back again.

Guess I’ll have to look at stalking ticketmaster for the next 2 weeks. F*&^% glorious

well, there’s no mad demand at the moment. i gave up my max number of refusals and had to go back to the start again and there was only 300 in the queue.

First game of the year for me as I’ve been out of the country. Somehow Ticketmaster how sunk to new depths of uselessness since I last had the pleasure of using their service. Surely there is a competent alternative to be found.

Be careful what you wish for, the Grab All Association might start their own site and then we’d be probably Donald Ducked. :wink:

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There’s Nally available now but no Hill tickets up.

Have a season ticket and won’t let me buy seat beside mine , oh ,and 50 bucks a seat .Final will be 100 euro.

So time to come back down to earth after Sunday!
I would like to see us bringing the hunger and intensity from the start and putting in a more consistent performance over 70+ minutes as this will definitely be required if we reach the final.
Be sure Monaghan will be dogged and determined as usual, they are well orgainised, will have devised a plan to counter a third quarter surge and they have some quality players including McManus, McCarron and McCarthy.
The hard blanket means there will not be the amount of space Mayo backs afforded us and patience and attacking variation will be required ie taking long distance points, runners off the shoulder and pace.
Our shooting early on against Mayo was terrible and I would not consider points scored when Mayo had thrown in the towel as a good indicator.
We also coughed up goal chances and think our fb line can be exposed particularly to high balls into a big mobile player.

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just saw that now.

no queue either, straight in.

ill have a look again in a while.

Can’t find any lwr Cusack on ticket ■■■■■■■

was only offering upstairs or down in the corner earlier.