Dublin v Westmeath - Leinster GAA Hurling Senior Championship Sat, Apr 29, 2023 Parnell Park at 6 PM

Joe brings his Westmeath to town on the back of a fair hiding from the cats. Apparently missing 5 starters the last day.

It’ll be interesting to see if MD leaves Dubs selection as was or whether it’s a horses-for-courses selection policy he goes for. Or he might just mix it up to see if we can get a few more scores.

The weather looks alright but bit far to know for sure.

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Anything less than a big win and we may as well fold up the tent

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Is the game being streamed?

Not listed on GaaGo.

Doubt it, there’s like ten games on each day and they only do 2 or 3 on GAAGo it seems, well down the pecking order this weekend unfortunatly.

We’re not at a high watermark currently with so many new faces in and a bench full of inexperience, so while I’d hope for a good solid win, I don’t know what kind of margin to hope for TBH.

The excitement really building on this thread, 6 posts in and the tension is unreal :joy:

I’ll just take the win . And hopefully gearing for a huge game against Wexford

This is westmeaths all Ireland final . They won’t have put much effort into the Kilkenny game . Joe will have a few landmines planned . As he knows the Dublin team so well

If it was in croke park I think we’d win very easily

Heading in myself, nice time and venue for a game

Hope we rattle in a few goals and don’t leave these in the game

Weird theres a football team for Sunday out and no hurling one


Good to see Hayes back & fit enough to start, have to hope our new style will suit him more than our working-it-through-the-lines style the last couple of years. Need the HF line to contribute more scores (other than Donal). Good to see Purcell on the bench.

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I’d have still picked considine to be honest

That bench is still underpowered at this level for me


I would have played him as well TBH but he’ll be trouble coming on against tired defenders.

It is a slightly light bench but that’s what we’ve got to work with and in Currie and Purcell we’ve two of the best-attacking players in Dublin to come in. Whitley can do a job, and Costello showed glimpses of promise in the league (think he’ll be better on harder sod than he was in the league).

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Assume he is trying to get a game into Hayes

No issue with Purcell and Currie

Personally they’d start for me because this is a building year . If we beat Wexford it’s a bonus

Whitely is actually much better off the bench

Defence bench though is very light and we’ve a lack of pace generally in the backs

Dunphy a big loss


Can’t disagree with that, do we know what the story is with Dunphy?

Who’s this new lad Purcell you speak of….


Westmeaths all ireland is against antrim. I could well be wrong but cant see antrim winning a match other than vs Westmeath.

Not with a trip to Wexford, they might have fancied a cut at them above.

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They went very very close against Dublin.