Dublin v Westmeath : Sun, 1 May 2022 @ 15:00 - Cusack Park (LSHC Round 3)

Well, folks, the games are coming thick and fast now. Thoughts on this one? A huge effort last week in Wexford, with Dublin that often leads to a poor showing against an underdog the following week.

They Kilkenny close enough for the first half and then got put away quite convincingly and Galway ran up a massive scoreline against them at home (39 scores). Not sure we currently have the firepower to smash them like that but hopefully we can put in a good performance.

here’s the table to date - KK have played Laois and Westmeath so far

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A win and get ready for KK in 2 weeks will do.


Mattie will be delighted to get to the break with full points, that should be enough to make it through

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So we’re happy with a win and no injuries? I’d take that.


Hang on now. Expected to win, so of course you’d take it. Not expecting to inflict a heavy defeat of 20+, but id be expecting a performance that builds on consistency of performance from last week. Not a performance like what seen vrs Laois.

Expecting a win, Wanting a solid consistent performance & of course, no injuries.
But a 1 point win after a poor performance isn’t good enough.

Can this game be watched anywhere on tv or stream?

Not that I can see

The hype on here about this game, sheesh, so much excitement on here, calm down lads i can’t keep up!

Just one of them games, get the win and prepare for Kilkenny in two weeks time.
With the break I dont think need to make many changes. Just dont give them any type of sniff at all. If get a lead built up then can start to perhaps give some players game time.
You would think our players should be better conditioned then Westmeath as well for 3 games in a row.
Fortune will know a lot about the Dublin players mind.
Problem with Dublin is even though should be winning this one easily you always have that feeling they could mess it up somehow!
I know it was only Walsh cup but earlier in the year struggled to dispose of Offaly before some of our bigger hitters came off the bench.


overly reliant on Donal for scores, if a team can shut him down we don’t have many other scoring forwards. Whitley is doing a good impression of one and Hayes can do it when we give him the ball but we tend to shoot from distance a lot which means he’s watching balls sail over his head (and very often wide). Need to be working scores through the forwards more. Westmeath will likely be a bit demoralized after the trimming Galway’s gave them, so if we can goal early then their heads could drop.

Fair point about Fortune knowing the Dublin panel better than he does any other team.

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Peter Kelly & Paul O’Donoghue too. Will only count for so much though. Dublin should be winning this but the Laois game will give Westmeath hope

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Plus our penchant for flopping after a good win, we worked our arses off last week, need to do so again, if it’s in the bag then look at guys like Considine (if he’s fit).

That Paul O Donaghue from O Tooles?

No, he was with Lucan last couple of years. Originally Cork

They’ll have targeted this game though

Going to it myself . I think first half could be tight enough but I expect Dublin to pull away in the second half

We need to start scoring goals . That’s how the top teams don’t get into trouble against teams they should beat

And why it’s always cardiac for us.

Could do with a big one from Danny and Hayes this weekend

Reasonably confident the backs can handle their forwards but they have an ace free taker who doesn’t miss

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Was thinking it wasnt Baldy alright :rofl:

Dublin win by 6.

Doyle is a good free taker, a good player in fact.