Dublin v Westmeath : Sun, 1 May 2022 @ 15:00 - Cusack Park (LSHC Round 3)

If dublin can only win by 6 then id be disappointed. Westmeath are starting to pick up knocks etc and will now be firmly looking at the laois game. Dublin need to lay down a marker that they can go at it for two games in a row.


Hardly mattered against Wexford

I’d be happy with a 6 point win

Ive run out Airplane puns…so ill go with a conservative 8+ win pulling up.

The joys of a Dublin Hurling Fan!!

It’s Dyle… not Doyle!


I don’t think margin of victory is important here. If anything, I wouldn’t like us to win by a cricket score and go to KK thinking we’re all that. As @Tayto said above, a win and no injuries will do just fine


Definitely need to continue and build on Wexford win. My fear is we let out the Junior Hurler when we play against Teams we should be beating out the gate.


Grand we’ll play shit, scrape a 1 point win and go to KK flat of confidence again.

Said it above, consistent confident performance is needed.

Anyone who is happy to “just win” against Westmeath may lower their expectations going forward


Thats it. Goals early and often suck the life out of weaker teams.

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Big time about keeping the level of performance high. Not dropping to Westmeaths standards. Good result last week against a Wexford team of similar ability to ours. Need to keep momentum going get ahead early keep the momentum going to be ruthless. Its a test for the players, a different kind of one, everyone expects us to win comfortably enough, can the team live up to that standard and drive it home. Working the ball in like we were doing early in the year is what I hope we do. Goals will be key if we want to remain competitive against Kilkenny and Galway, no better place than a competitive match to try get a few in and gain confidence from it


Obviously would prefer a totally dominant performance and a nice big score line to hit Kilkenny full of confidence but really the win and zero injuries, particularly to the key lads, are the most important factors.

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I understand what you are saying but injury can happen playing good or poorly. You don’t play not to get injured. I’m not predicting a score because I don’t care what we win by, but i do care how we play


Just out of interest, how would you feel if MK gave some of the squad players a run out (either starting or coming on as subs) or the team tried some different tactics and we won by 3-6 points?

Dublin don’t have that luxury unfortunately

They should beat them easily ,the match ups tomorrow on the Field won’t tell us where Dublin is at all really. It’s against Westmeath no discredit to them at all . Dublin should have a Field day tomorrow.

You’ll be on cue if we don’t :smile:

Sure we know how it’s going to go. Scrappy start to the game with a few bad wides and cue meltdown mode on here. “Not good enough” “Mattie has to go” “We’ve no forwards” “touch is terrible” then we get our noses in front and donal Burke hits 1-78 and we reiterate the fact that without Dónal were fucked. Afterwards we dissect it to bits and say KK will eat us alive in 2 weeks and on we go…


Same team as last week anyway bar one change.
Shane Barrett in for James Madden

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I am travelling Sunday…you must mean the big ballers!

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For the jibesters who laugh at people who get upset, when we lose to the likes of Laois, I say look back over the inconsistency of our performances, over years. Sometimes the sanguine lads are not too bothered while the lads who absolutely live for hurling, lose the plot after yet another unexpected melt-down. I don’t apologise for that. If it ever happened to our footballers, there would be lads on here wearing nappies.


So long as there is a positive performance that doesn’t hinder the mood or confidence

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