Dublin v Wexford : Sat, Apr 30, 2022 @ 18:30 - Chadwicks Wexford Park (Leinster Senior Football - Quarter Final)

Didn’t see any of that match yet but clearly a different team since we trashed them in O’Moore Park a few years back. Really have to go for it with our strongest 15 for this one. In all respects, although we’re weaker than previous years, we should welcome stiffer competition in Leinster.

Already are, I picked up mine at lunchtime. Should be plenty though, the yellow bellies won’t draw a huge crowd for football.

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If Wexford are stiffer opposition we need not bother later in the year

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True, …

This should be a comfortable win with our forwards getting much needed confidence

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On the basis of the league and yesterday’s excitement, they have a greater goal threat than we do.

Ben Brosnan at 34 their stand out performer I believe

You could dust off the boots LJ, do a man marking job

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Says everything about how bad Offaly were. John Maughan . Some man for “ the circuit” these days

He’s from Mayo. They lost. QED



Next time Michael Duignan is complaining about Dublin finances on twitter he should be reminded about throwing away Shane Lowry money on likes of Maughan. I wouldn’t say O’Se was cheap either.


Any word on Paddy Small?


Yes we should beat them well. Not sure people remember last year when we played them and won 15-7 in what was a poor performance and one that never improved much over the next three games …


Last championship game I recall Dublin playing in Wexford park was 93. A tough game 11-7 . Have we played there since ?

Of course we should beat Wexford, but it is about how we do it, so far this year we have played poorly against all kinds of opposition, I don’t think we will get beaten but I would be looking for a clinical performance where lads look like they are fighting for places rather than a going through the motions job, if the chip does not change now I doubt it will further down the road.

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In a nutshell

Worrying times.

I want to see goals, none of this 0-24 to 0-12 stuff

Last year Vs Wexford highlighted how poor we actually we’re but nobody paid attention til after we ran up a series of similar " performances"