Dublin v Wexford : Sat, Apr 30, 2022 @ 18:30 - Chadwicks Wexford Park (Leinster Senior Football - Quarter Final)

In our last 10 league and championship games , we have scored just 3 goals from play and 3 penalties.

Anyone willing to take a stab at a team?


Fitz, Byrne, Murphy
Gannon, Small, McDaid
McCarthy, Fenton
Howard, Kilkenny, Scully
Bugler, Con, Costello

This is it. Wexford are unlikely to set up like they did against Laois last week. More likely it will be repeat of last year where they pack the defence and make it difficult, maybe getting scores on the break by getting the ball to Brosnan. One time the lads enjoyed playing against that type of set up, so their attitude will tell us a lot. It’s not just a case of a win is a win.

Cooper Byrne Murphy
Murch Small Mc Daid
Mc Carthy Fenton
Bugler Howard Scully
Deano Kilkenny Costello

Give Con a run off the bench

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Dessie won’t play his first 15 in this game, its too soon to be showing his hand at this stage in a game that we should win without having to play at full tilt.

Its a shorter season this year, we will be playing knockout football in about six weeks so I don’t think we can pick and choose when to spring lads


Dublin need to hit the ground running

It’s a team with very little confidence

This peaking theory in a condensed season doesn’t wash in my view


Unless they’re nursing an injury it should be the first team from the off.

There are potentially 6 games max I think. And coming off that league campaign there’s no time for messing.


NO certainty of Con or Evan being fit by the looks of this article.

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They need to be fit . If they are fit and available they need to start

Con hasn’t played a game at this level in a long time now

if everyone fit would go with

Fitzsimons Byrne Murphy
Murchan Small McDaid
McCarthy Fenton
Howard Kilkenny Bugler
Small Con Costello

Cooper, Gannon, Lahiff, Scully and Rock to come off bench.Could be a game to give Lorcan O’Dell a run off the bench.

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Lahiff will start Midfield with Jamesie wing back I’d say. Wouldnt be my preference.


That’s how I see it too based on selected one to date…

Yeah. Lahiff to be fair had his best game vs Monaghan imo, iirc.

I’d agree with strongest 15, put in a strong scoring performance and get the Kerry’s and Tyrones looking over their shoulder early

Looks like he fancies Lahiff as a starter alright.

Lahiff very good against Tyrone and Donegal. Got a dirty hit in Monaghan game at the throw and went off early in game.

Ah thats right. I’ve tried to erase that campaign from memory :sweat_smile: Donegal the one im thinking of.

Been a lurker on here for quite a while, said I would bite the bullet and create an account.
And my first action is to ask for a favour… would anyone know of any buses being ran down to Wexford park Saturday? (return obviously) that people can just book onto?

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