Dublin Vs Kildare Apr 30th@4pm Croke Park

Discuss game here ( maybe discuss provincial and championship format stuff on the Leinster thread)!


Kildare will probably be closer than we think . They are physical and surely will have some setup to limit the ball inside to our inside forwards . For them this a big game to see if they have made any progress from last year. I’m sure they have targeted this game

Kildare might even put up a fight for a bit, but ultimately this is a “how much do we want to win by” game.

Tailteann cup for them, nothing learned for us.

I wish I was wrong.

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The headline- “Kildare are headed for the Tailteann Cup” will put a big smile on this Dub’s mush.
Chances are it won’t happen as Armagh should batter Down and I don’t see Offaly beating Louth but you never know??


I really hope we go out with the mindset of last weekend and go for it.


Kildare haven’t done anything since beating us in the All Ireland final in Newbridge last year. I heard one of the Sunday radio pundits say they had a good League last year. They were relegated.

Last year they were bigged up and did a Spurs on it. We will hopefully take a few lessons from Portlaoise, esp defensively, but carry the same drive and directness into this one.


Probably should have beaten Mayo in championship last year albeit it wasn’t a good Mayo side last summer

Think they came out the wrong side of a few close games in the league last year , so it may not have been as bad as some expected.

Is there something worse than relegation?

I’ll go one better than that … our GAAGo ‘commentary team’ which included Ross Munnelly for the Laois game … told us that it suited Dublin being in Div2 this year and had brought us on.
In what parallel universe could that be even half true ?


In the division 4 mentality parallel universe

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According to the men with the satchels, Dublin & Kerry are co favourites at 2/1, Galway 11/2, Mayo 6/1, Derry 14/1, Trone 16/1. If you fancy the Flour Bags they are 150/1.

Must be a first that a div 2 team are joint favourites

Yep, getting hammered in every game on the way to it and finishing last. They drew with Kerry, lost by a point to Tyrone and beat us,they were red hot favs to be relegated, so yeah, I would say they could have done worse

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Well beaten by Monaghan and Donegal and hammered by Mayo in the crucial last game. Excellent campaign.

Thought Munnelly was good, seemed honest, had no qualms about players fouling when necessary, praised James Mc for doing so. I think his point about us in Div 2 was that it gave us a chance to regroup without hyped up games like v Kerry or Mayo.


Who said it was excellent, not the same as saying better than expected.

They beat Monaghan by 9 points and lost by 5 to Donegal

Dubs are -11 v The Flour Bags.

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I, and I’d venture to say the backroom staff and players never want to see Div 2 (or lower!) again this side of hell freezing over BigP.
Re commentary Munnelly wasn’t too bad at all I agree outside of that exchange.

Personally I could do without co-commentators full stop.
One good commentator more than enough but that’s not Ross’ fault of course.