Dublin vs Limerick, NFL 2023, Sunday, February 5th, Gaelic Grounds, 3pm

I have no idea re actually winning a NFL title, but showing well in the NFL is important for majority of teams I’d guess.
It’s important for us in any case.
I have always liked the league

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I’d love to see it combined with the championship

20 games for everyone at least


I’m all for games once they are competitive i.e. teams of a similar level playing each other.
Winter football tends to level up the pitch so to speak within each diviison and gives a lot of competitive games across the divisions.
I’ve zero interest in more games unless they were competitive.

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Teams play each other twice a year .

3 tier championship. 10-10-12

Promotion and relegation applies . Maybe three up and three down .

Provincial championships become the o byrne cups


I’m surprised Limerick were so poor in the first game. They had improved a lot last year and seemed to have made a big effort in conditioning. You think the likes of Limerick would be targeting the early games in the hope that they might have a fitness advantage.

I heard today from someone that is close to Kildare football that they are doing savage training (Finn MaCool stuff that wouldn’t be out of place in Soutn Kerry) - but to no avail last weekend as I pointed out.

I heard today that Dessie had already recorded his post match interview for this match with Dubs TV .

He mentions blending a set of new players that were brought into panel this year with his core players and that it was a good competitive fixture with plenty to work on in the weeks ahead.


No Provincial championships ?.
Wouldn’t bother me but hard to turn the oil tanker around.

That oil tanker needs to be sunk


A coup d’tank ?


In relation to McEneaney it’s a lot to be asking of a young lad to dominate. Finding his feet at this level.

Doing is Job well and building on it is all I’m sure the management team expect of him. Thats even if he plays.


Killian McGinnis, Lorcan O’Dell, Mark Lavin and Kieran Kennedy all involved in Sigerson so I don’t think you will see any of them on the weekend (despite McGinnis and Lavin named in the match program v Kildare.)

Does McEneaney start again or does he come off the bench with David Byrne getting a start?

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Will have a spare free ticket for this if anyone wants it…

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Lavin wasn’t on bench last week.

Sigerson isn’t helping him this year but the Leinster championship is such that Dessie can probably try one or two and get away with it

So he may get a run later in the year . Anyone seen or heard of Rory Dwyer . Has disappeared off the grid

I could see Lavin getting a chance in the team in the 2nd half of the league in a few weeks.

Pretty sure I saw his name in last nights Sigerson game TUD v UCD

Ťhought the same initially but think that was Ryan O’Dwyer from Boden.

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Last I’d heard Rory did the US bit came back did bit of championship, may have picked up a knock

Fair enough on McEneaney.

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Done his acl over there I think

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