Dublin vs Meath,Sean Cox charity game,Pairc Tailteann,Navan

Obviously, the result and performance were totally irrelevant today. Fantastic kudos to everyone involved today from Dublin, Meath, Round Towers Clondalkin and Dunboyne. It’s great that Sean Cox’s family and he himself know that they have a great community (the GAA) around them.


Not sure this Fenton fella will ever make it. Should have been lording it out there today :yum:

Was on the piss with Jonny Sexton last night …


Fair play to him, great to see him rubbing shoulders with other men who are top of their respective sports… just to note my comment was tongue in cheek though :grinning:

anyone play well for us that could make a step up … hopefully some of the new players will play in blue stars and then o byrne cup matches so we can see then in action before league restarts

Benefit fund for Seán Cox has raised €1.1 million so far (via @IrishTimes) https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/benefit-fund-for-seán-cox-has-raised-1-1-million-so-far-1.3742944