Dublin Zoo

Will be throwing them a few bob. Many a happy childhood memory. Be awful for other generations of kids to miss out. Have nieces and nephews who love going there.

Really hope they get what they need and then some


Agreed Guy - my lad is in his early 20s now and when he comes he still wants to go!!

I just adopted a penguin for my youngest daughter who loves going to the zoo - have great memories of days spent there with my 3 kids


I just ate one …


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DZ is one of the best in the World from what I know and have heard/read


Will you take a giraffe and a couple of monkeys too?? Its only for about 3 months or so…

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Jesus, will it not make a terrible mess in the house?

If they can fund the animal cruelty sector that is greyhound racing our government can do the decent thing here and pitch in


Only heard this morning that the state don’t give any money towards the Zoo?? True what you say above, surely they can fix that??

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I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

I stand to be corrected but I think aras an uachtaran donated the land that became the African plains

Hope the Penguin read the small print about having to do umpire for your games.


I dont agree with everything Dublin Zoo does but it plays an important role in captive breeding programmes that are saving animals that human are forcing into extinction. I pay in regularly for that reason.

I dont see why the govt cant issue a loan. It not as if they will struggle to pay it back.


Government have said they will be intervening


Just adopted a Red Panda :grin:

What a fucking surprise

Usually agree with lots she has to stay, but that’s a completely false and clearly unresearched statement. Dublin Zoo are great.

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The Red Panda eats €25 worth of grub a day! Tigers €50 and the Elephant €75. I hope the zoo survives but I don’t entirely disagree with Ruth Coppinger on this. Zoos may have had their day?

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theres a lot wrong in that statement, and i usually am in agreement with the flame haired flame thrower of truth

Remember that day Ruth Coppinger wasn’t fuming indignantly?
Me neither.