Dublin's All Time Best 15

Just thinking throughout the day as to how many of the players today would be in Dublin’s best team of all time.

My team would be

Mick Fitz
Paddy Christie
Philly McMahon
J McCarthy
J Small
J McCaffrey
A Brogan
B Brogan

Subs - O’Leary, Cooper, Hargan, O’Sullivan, Curran, Whelan, Connolly, Anton O’Toole, Ciaran Duff, Mannion, Con

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No Barney Rock?


No Kevin Moran :question:

Have to find a slot for Dermo in starting 15 ….


Would the best ever southside 15 beat best northside?

Anyways it boils down to James Mc picked first everyone spread out in a bunch! :grinning:

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No the Northside team would win

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There are twice as many clubs on the northside so we would win in football. Hurling could be a different story!

Moran or O’Sullivan would be in front of Small.

I would suggest the best XV be restricted to those who played since 2011. Too many kids on here who clearly don’t know or believe we had players in the years before then !!!


I’d pick Moran over them all. Sullivan over small. I’d have them all in the panel!

Personally find it hard to have Moran. Fantastic player for the era but he played for 4 years so i’d find it difficult to put him ahead of other greats.

He done enough in those four years for me. It’s splitting hairs. John Small is probably the closest to him in terms of playing style. OSullivan was pure class for reading and positional sense. It’s a nightmare trying to pick the best off

Impossible task . Hard enough over last 20 years . My aul lad then would never pick a best Dublin team without Heffo or Lar Foley who I could never pick as i never saw them play


To select a”greatest of all time team” is impossible because none of us has seen every player.
As one who has seen every team since 1972 I wouldn’t include Hanahoe, but certainly would put Cullen, Kelliher, Mullins, Hickey, Moran and Keaveney of the 70s team into contention. Curran, O’ Leary, Kennedy, Whelan, Duff, would also be considered.


Cullen ahead of Cluxton? How? Cluxton actually changed the nature of Gaelic Football! I don’t think any keeper of any era even comes close!

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Certainly a place has to be found for Dermo & Moran

Also while I know who you mean, for clarity you might consider adding initials or first names where required, for example which Brogan is which?
McCaffery Jack not Noel
McCarthy James, not John
Small John, not Paddy
Rock Dean or Barney etc

5.paul curran
6…moran /mc carthy
7.mc caffrey
11.Alan brogan

Mullins & Fenton are probably uncontested.

Cluxton imo too.


Ive wrecked my head on this for years , constantly changing
the only thing I know for certain is the lads below start and you build around them
S Cluxton
J McCarty
B Fenton
B Mullins
D Connolly
I can swallow most lines ups ,as your talking marginal calls on truly great players as well as favourites
For example B Brogan JR or A O Toole how can there be a wrong answer

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Controversial but I’d have Bernard brogan senior in midfield with mullins

I wouldn’t be a million miles off that (with the caveat I never saw Heffo or Snitchy play and only caught the very tail end of the Foleys.

I would have to include Anton O Toole in there, not sure instead of who! And I think as important as Keaveny was at the time, I would still go with Con instead of him.

I could maybe go with Rory O C instead of Philly, but Rory had a shorter career, so maybe not.

But there are no right or wrong answers. There are some guys who had exceptional shorter spells around the team, Tommy Conroy was unplayable in 83 for example.

Dessie Farrell played teams on his own nearly during a few lean years. Jayo was seriously important at times also. Flynn with 4 All Stars in a row. I give up!! It’s impossible to pick!


Cluxton and Fenton would nearly be uncontested in the best team of all time, nationwide. Cluxton anyway.

I remember going up to a league game in Clones and being a bit disappointed that Dublin were going a bit experimental and had a guy just out of U21 at half forward. But shows what I know!! The guy was Fenton, I think he got a goal, if memory serves me right we had one wide (or no wides) in the whole game and Rory O C shut down McManus so much that McManus got an ironic cheer when he touched the ball. It turned out to be possibly one of the most complete Dublin displays ever. Not sure of the year, Dublin played Monaghan a week or two later in the league semi and it was a much tighter affair. Rory was rested and McManus ran riot.