Dublin's first goal vs Mayo?

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Does anybody have a clear recollection of what Stephen Cluxton did with the kick-out that lead to Dublin’s first goal? The RTE cameras are too busy showing an action replay and just pick up with Brian Fenton in possession at midfield.

At a guess, the layout of the players suggests the ball was quickly worked from a quick, short kick-out but my recollection is that Dublin only managed one of these in the first half and it led to a Peadair Andrews point later on.

Does anybody have a clear recollection as to whether that kick-out was initially played short or if Cluxton played it to the half back line or midfield?

Was it not Mayo pushed up and Cluxton picked MDMA out over them and then we broke.

Think Rob Carroll highlighted it quite well on the42.ie

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On an aside, watched back the game and Lee Keegan should have been black carded for taking Connolly out of it, not once, but twice in the lead up to that goal…


Yep. I alluded to it in my post game contribution. He shouldn’t have been on the pitch to kick that equalising score.

That was St. Cillian, Rochey but you’re right on him as well that he was steeped not to see a black card either

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Holy shit! I’m so pissed off over CoC, that I actually read O’Connor in my own head! I need a holiday! The game has me driven demented!

Early on in the game down near left FF position he left a really sly elbow in - one of the Dublin players (Cluxton maybe) saw it and pointed it out to umpires but nowt done.

Definetly those umpires were Trappists . Hopefully talking and walking umpires for replay

Saw that. Went in high but missed. If he’d connected, I wonder if the ref would have had the balls to see it.