Dubs involved in Fitzgibbon Cup

Seeing as InterCounty hurling has changed from u21 to u20. It’s more important now than ever that we have as many Dubs as possible playing at fitzgibbon because it’s now the bridge between underage hurling and senior county hurling. I don’t think it’s an surprise that with the improvements in underage hurling in Dublin in recent years we have been way better represented at colleges level and competing well. Anyone know who is playing with the fitzgibbon colleges this year?


Fitzgibbon teams are getting tougher to break into a lot of lads of inter county up in sticks now,speaking to a coach in the know A lot of pressure to play a lad if you’ve offered him a scholarship to move up to Dublin

True enough but DCU had half a team of Dubs as do DIT both who competed well enough last year. Neither of these played fitzgibbon until relatively recently. In addition to that there is always a few Dubs with UCD, St Pats and Trinity. The more Dubs exposed to this level the better.


Agreed , I know DCU actively court Dublin’s best out of minor

Paddy Smyth, 2 Burke’s Donal & Conor, 2 Curries, Lee Gannon, Desire Gray & Rian McBride are playing for DCU. I’m probably missing a couple aswelll.


Sorry, Daire Gray

Very very few actual scholarships offered, college will let you into a course with less points if you’re a good gaa player, but pretty much no one going into first year is offered an actual scholarship. Some colleges will offer scholarships to one or two of their best players after first year but that’s about it.

each college decides their own criteria,not all aligned , the most commonly used a small bursary of approx two thousand euro,plus acceptance onto high performance elite athletic development,
The points which is the harder to attain is interview based and it’s only a small amount of points on offer and Is ultra competitive, I work in education funding since 2014 with the CDETB , Johnny Cooper who I’ve met many times through work on out reach programs I would have discussed his colleges criteria as he attends as guest speaker or sometimes mans a stand , equally my son was interviewed for scholarships for two colleges this year . Best of look to any lad or lady who gets some reward education wise for what they’ve put into it. Game in Maynooth last week I attended and I was speaking to their GAA coach ex college’s coach and he discussed how they entice players ,these days they all want the best

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Game last night freshers Maynooth beaten by DIT , in Blanch IT , am on the fence re these league games , there are lads who played for club first teams just gone , under 21 ongoing competition , not much of an off season for lads
DIT won by 2 points
Fatigue aside, horrible conditions to play in weather that bad under floodlight .

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Jaysus, should be fairly handy with all those lads.

DIT are very strong , pulling all the lads from different counties together will be the difficult task , different styles etc
But as mentioned that’s a very strong Dublin backbone

Few young dubs playing with DIT aswell Eoghan Dunne Conor Ryan Johnny Mcguirk just to name a couple

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Freshers last night had a few from College teams

Davy Keogh , Jono Treacy I think are the only senior panelist’s with DIT or TU Dublin as they are now known , although Alex O Neill is a fresher there and he’s training with them currently.

DIT fresher manager has put no pressure on lads still involved with club (think he’s a Peregrines lad actually) in fact played last night and last week without their Lucan , Na Fianna and Plunketts contingent .
Personally I think players benefit from playing with lads from all over the country and at a high level but understand why lads who’ve had a long season and a tough course might not engage .
Probably the difference between the Dubs and the country lads is that down in UL , LIT , UCC , a lot of lads go to play hurling and the undergrad is a bonus …

Pleased to hear that , I should not be surprised Stephan is a great coach and very decent sort , speaking to one of the dads who’s son played and we weighed up the pros and cons , his son is playing / training with and against lads from the likes of O Loughlain Gaels and top Dublin Wexford clubs etc which he believes will sharpen his game , the only cons really are the appalling conditions they play in and the timing at the end of a long season , that said I believe there’s only one or two training sessions left and then they split for Xmass

DCU hoover up all the underage talent in Dublin . Paul O B has been involved in Dublin underage as well as Dublin North Colleges , perfect shop window to get in these lads ears . That being said the last two/three years they’ve taken in a savage amount of Kilkenny / Wexford minors . I’m sure it’s probably hard to attract lads to Dublin with the crazy rental prices here so the Dublin colleges gotta focus on ‘homegrown’ talent . DCU into the senior Div 1 league final after beating Carlow IT last night .

DIT have a few good’uns as well. Will be interesting to see how they fare.

Full line up from tonight’s Senior 1 League Final. DCU beat UCC 0.18 to 1.12.

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That’s not a bad panel. Good win.

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