Dubs players who were Sports Heroes abroad

How many great sports personalities around the world have played for some kind of Dubs side? (At any level, discipline or age). We know there’s a good few, but how many and who? Love seeing old footage of lads in the Blue and Navy, makes me heart burst for whatever reason.
I’ll be heading on my usual pilgrimage to Sunderland for a match in a couple of months and always feel a massive scence of pride when I see all the Quinny tributes, look forward to bringing me Dubs flag to Quinnys bar in the stadium.
Anyway, let me kick it off with probably the greatest…

Jim Stynes
Dublin All Ireland Minor football Winner
Aussie rules - Melbourne
rip Jim

Isles man , according to Wiki :smirk:

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One of the most obvious Kevin Moran.

3 Leinster titles
2 All Ireland’s
1 National Football League
An All Star
2 FA Cups with Manchester United

And the dubious honour of the first player to be sent off in a FA Cup final

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With the best of respect to Jim Stynes (who was great) the greatest of all was Good Counsel’s Kevin Moran. 2 All Ireland’s with Dublin in 76 and 77, and a runners up in 78 . 2 FA cups with Manchester United in 83 and 85 ( first man ever sent off in a cup final!), a Premiership with Blackburn Rovers in 92 and 1st choice centre half with Ireland in Euro 88 and Italia 90 is hard to beat.
Kenny Cunningham who also played for Ireland was a Dublin minor footballer in 89.

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Kevin didn’t win a National league medal. He wasn’t on the panel in 76 v Derry. He made his competitive debut in championship v Longford that year. He played v. Kerry in 77 which we lost ( more remembered for how Paidi O’Se and David Hickey dealt with political protesters who invaded the pitch just before the start of the game). Kevin was gone to Manchester United before the 78 League but was allowed play for Dublin in the Leinster Final that year.

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He never won the premier league

He was captain the year before they won it and they were runners-up.

A true legend though but I’d have Jim Stynes ahead of him. If you go to Australia and the MCG in particular you realise how big of a legend he was and the legacy he left. To play in a record 244 consecutive games proves how tough and good the man was.

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Jim stynes ( he got a state funeral in oz )
Kevin Moran
An other


Fair enough. That’ll teach me to trust Wiki. :grin:

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Right boys, I think we’ve established Kevo and Jim, jasus :slight_smile: but who else? I’ll throw another one in,
Shane Supple,
Dublin Football
Ipswich Town

Feck it sure, doesn’t have to be Sport, Anyone famous who’s been involved for the craic, what we got?
And don’t give me your old school teacher, Gerry McCaul or whatever!!!

Paul McGinley played for Ballyboden .

Padraic Harrington and Jim Stynes played on same team as McGinley

Dubs Performance and lifestyle coach
WBA and European super bantamweight Champion

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No they didn’t. Harrington was about 8 yrs younger. McGinley may have played the odd game with Jim but was not a regular on the team Jim played with.

Oscar Wilde played at the back

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Con Martin must be worth a mention.

Was McGinley hurling I thought?

Jim never hurled, McGinley played football, don’t remember him hurling with the club. Brian Kelleher was his age group.

Eric Miller international ruggerist, Ballyboden and the Dubs

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Niall Quinn of Disco Pants fame …

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Val Harris and Jack Kirwan both won all Irelands with Dublin before very successful football careers abroad.

Mickey Whelan was a top soccer player in the the USA with the Connecticut Wildcats

Dave Hickey played rugby for 2 seasons with La Rochelle in France.

Con Martin was previously mentioned above, but deserves another mention :slight_smile:

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