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Match day parking, buses going from…, Meet up Pubs for Dubs, here’s the best route to avoid the bottleneck, and the travelling Nuts Corner will be going to this end of the ground! Sure we’ll give All the away days info that gets eaten up in the match threads it’s own little home.

Anyway I’m looking for best place to park around O’Moore park meself, any suggestions that’s not a camel trek away?
Safe journey to all heading to Tullamore today

It’s been a couple of years since I took the car to a Dubs game in Portlaoise, but I don’t remember parking being a massive problem. The ground is about 1/2 mile away from the town centre, so there is lots of empty kerb space to park the car up on. Last time I went for the hurlers, it wasn’t a full house. This time there will be, so that’ll make a difference.

Best way for me, was to stay on the M7and pass the first couple of exits for Portloaise. Get off at the 3rd one and then follow the road back towards town and the ground. There are a couple of decent sized pay car parks in town, but they will probably be full with Saturday shoppers, so I wouldn’t leave it too late to arrive.

I think Midway is 2nd exit. Reckon I’ll go to the one after as well

Yeah, now that I think of it, it is nearer to town. I’ve removed Midway from me post.

The 3rd exit it is so then. :+1:

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A few big industrial estates off 3rd exit. Loads of free parking and you won’t be blocking any houses or roads

testco/portloaise shopping centre has a big free underground carpark, accross from it so does dunnes/kyle centre.

out the mountrath road there would be plenty of parking unless it is coned off and it is beyond the pay parking zone. you may have a bit of a walk but it is quicker than an hour in the official car paking field.

the industrial estate would be fairly empty as well - you can even go to the bowl and roll beforehand :grinning:

Will I make the 21:20 train after the match? It’s been yonks since I’ve been to this kip!

I heard the train station is only about 15 minutes from the ground so you’ll make it no problem, think we’re on the 21:20 train back as well

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There’s still a couple of bus spaces available, if anyone knows anyone looking for a way to travel with splendid company.


Be down their early myself so hoping I’ll get in somewhere before it’s wedged. If that’s the case where’s decent for grub?

there’s a supermacs.

theres a costa in the shopping centre…


its not a place i’ve ever really looked for something to eat in, there was one lovely restaurant near the courthouse but that closed. If you go down the old main street there should be the best pubs/food there.

Supermacs? Ah here.

Only messing, nice one mate. Just looking for a bit of pub grub and somewhere to wet the whistle

Grand stuff, yeah I know along the road would be perfect but I think they’ll have cones there, where exactly is the official car park/ field? Half thinking tactically about getting out more swiftly than getting close to the ground, the little fella will be guaranteed at least 2 pee stops before we hit the motor way home if Beffini park or Nolan park are anything to go by!!

literally behind the main stand and the abbeyleix/motorway end terrace. I guess if you are there early enough you can park right at the two entrances (one on the road in from the motorway, the other is behind the main stand) but last time i was there it was a free for all and nobody was letting any cut ins :laughing:

the midway foodcourt/maldron hotel carpark should be an option as well, you can legit park, have some food there and stroll in and back.

That’s a fair ould stroll, no???

You have further details of the bus space. Where it leaving from and what time? Cheers

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Hammer, she’s full at the moment. Sorry about that. Last two spaces just went earlier there.

[quote=“Dub09, post:15, topic:2095”]
That’s a fair ould stroll, no???
[/quote]Roughly 2km

Might get a few sponsors!

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We’ll get you a Zimmer frame