Dubs Stars ( Blue Stars ) 1st January 2017 Parnell Park

Congratulations to all this years winners. This years games will be held in Parnell Park on New Years Day.

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Who’ll be playing though?

Less and less a fixture players are bothered with. None of the Vins lads will be there and quite a few county fellas will be away.

Still great for lads that wouldnt be a household name to get recognised. Stephen Smith first year playing senior and he got the FF spot. Delighted for him!

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Having seen the lad v Whitehall in the C’ship he is well worth going to see.

Game isn’t needed the award is enough

And the free bus pass for a year!!!

I thought the awards to some were mystifying . And then others who didn’t get one
Political selection in my view

Agreed, game has turned into a bit of a shambles, but getting the award alone is what the achievement is

We’ve a lad who won one too in his first year out of minor who I’ve no doubt will be in the Senior squad soon enough too

Sure look regardless who is playing its all for the kids to meet some of there Heros they watch on the tele and at matches they go to and maybe get a photo with the players afterwards does be a good day and the fact it in Parnell even better.


Never realised there were good old days in which the game or awards were important.

I like getting out of the house to blow off the cobwebs and say hello to a few familiar faces.