Duffy Cup 2017

What leauges are the teams in duffy cup this year

Group 2
St Sylvesters
Man O War
Rosmini Gaels
Naomh Barrog
Na Fianna 0
Erins Isle

Group 1
St Brendans
St Marks Cabinteely
Ballyfermot De Salle
Ballinteer St Johns

Seems to be mixture of AFL 9 -11 teams

Group 2
St Sylvesters - Div 8
Man O War - Div 11
Rosmini Gaels - Div 9
Naomh Barrog - Div 10
Na Fianna - Div 10
Erins Isle - Div 10

Group 1
St Brendans - Div 10
St Marks Cabinteely - Div 10
Ballyfermot De Salle - Div 10
Ballinteer St Johns - Div 11

How are Slys AFL 8 team allowed in this cup? With no AFL team 5 will players be dropping down to this team?

No gradings for cup. Also cups fall on a hurling weekend therefore dual players miss out on the cups. This could be an amalgamation of teams to play games. For example 6/7 lads from the higher team and 7/8 lads from the lower team.

Higher or lower, they’re still all higher than Div 9-11 standard.

But there is no standard or grading for cups.

AFL 5 & 8 teams that finished comfortable in their leagues should not be in the lowest cups that features AFL11 teams

ah there is though

Slys 8 team are in Murphy Cup. They have a AFL 10 team now. They were’nt included in the gradings for this Division last week

all good in the hood so

Just to be clear here, St Marks and Cabinteely have not formed some super southside amalgamation club here for the 2017 season or the Cup! :wink:

Although the Dublin County Board appear to have temporarily forgotten Cabo are in the league since they haven’t yet given us (unlike everyone else) the points against AIB after AIB have dropped out of the division :smiley: