Eamonn Sweeney, Sunday Indo

Couple of gud-uns here from one of the few beacons of light in the Kerry, errr, I mean O’Brien Group of media:

Don’t agree with everything in the 2nd piece, I’m sure there are PUPs living in many places around the country! Places where it’s easy to build/have huge homes and land…

Have to say I agree with 90% of the points he is making. The 10% I take exception to is that in a lot of cases the 17 year old is not only playing a few games for the seniors, there have been lads playing for the minor footballers & hurlers, club & county, the club senior footballers & hurlers in league and the junior teams in champo, the school teams & all while trying to complete a leaving cert. It is too much to put on a kid. I don’t see the harm in a 17 year old playing a few games for the adult sides but only if it is managed well and not over done.