Early end of season vs. other years

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on this? I know it looked like we wouldn’t have any competitions at one point but over the next 2-4 weeks most teams that are left will be finished in their Championships and their seasons over. Many recent years final league games might be still going in October and even November and in Championship there would be Leinster tournaments for some. A lot of clubs will now be looking at no competitive Hurling for 6 whole months. Presuming we return to games in March 2021.

What do you all think? Will the break pass by quickly? Will it do some lads good? Will some management teams go nuts and start pre-season in November, including challenge matches?

Imagine there’ll be savage appetite to get going again December after the big lay off

Plus cups playing well into October

Only for some though and I suspect a lot of teams won’t bother entering

Well teams cant be complaining about no action and then not enter in cups, yeah they might not be as competitive as championship but beats sitting at home.


You make everything work for yourself , dual lads need a break , hurler only lads play cups , as said previously you can look at anything as an opportunity , start embedding second year minors into adult panels , lads who in championship got little game time get an opportunity to stake an early claim ,
Equally there will always be the lad , coach , spectator that if its not champo then Fook it ,
really depends on how you see it , id imagine there will be an appetite for games equally with the stop start nature of the season there unsurprisingly are a large number of lads carrying injuries