East / West conflict strategy

As the language between the super powers and their allies becomes ever increasingly divisive, the potential for conflict is rising. Be it by accident or intention the outcome would be devastating to say the least. It is said the first casualty of war is truth. Let this thread be as informative as possible and may we be open minded enough to understand what might just be propaganda and what is an honest attempt of conflict resolution.

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As a parent I’d naturally worry … but then I look at the great world statesmen - Trump, Putin, Kim Jong Un, Netanyahu. Then on the diplomatic side we have Boris, Lavrov and others …

A good point Dub09, poor performance on the domestic stage can lead to poor choices on the world stage. A rush to international conflict can be used as a unifying factor domestically and as horrific as war is, it usually leads to increased support for the government, initially at least.

As America and its allies manoeuvre their military hardware into more strategic positions overnight and today, the Russian envoy to UN (according to BBC) has stated it will not only shoot down missiles launched at Syria but also target their launch sites. Is he bluffing ?, do we really want to find out ? .

This is the biggest crisis since Cuba. Very worrying

Yes I agree it’s unfolding that way, but I think there’s a level of complacency within the general public regarding the potential for WW3 and nuclear conflict that is not helping the escalation of this situation. In contrast the general public were well aware of the gravity of the unfolding situation regarding the Cuban missile crises at the time.

Ah lads would yis ever chill da fook out, it’ll all be grand.


American response to Russian statement that it will target missiles fired at Syria and their launch sites.

Does he (Trump) think this is a game of Call of Duty or something?

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The big fcuking problem is what he does when he gets the call of duty …

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Donald Trump is the US president. What could go wrong?

The sad thing is, he does. Technology addiction has led a generation to have lost the ability to discriminate between real and online. Trump’ s megalomania, narcissism and sociopathy mean that he is in the same boat as the snowflakes. He ran away from the draft himself, the fat Cnut. I’m with the Russkies and the Chinese if this kicks off.

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…is giiiiive peas a chaaaaaance!



SYRIA: PM calls special Cabinet meeting to approve UK action in Syria - Sky News
Breaking: UK Daily Telegraph newspaper reports,British Submarines have been ordered to move within Missile Range of Syria.

:small_red_triangle: #NOTAM & navigation warnings in force around Cyprus for Thu 12th April

:ru: ‘RUSSIAN NAVY EXERCISE’ off the #Syria coast - Surface to 66,000ft.

We are closer to WW3 than we have ever been in history. There is time to roll back from conflict and that will possibly happen. At the moment the rhetoric is escalating and with all parties having military hardware moving within and to the zone, readying for conflict, this could erupt very quickly.

I’m tired and hitting the hay. I hope we don’t wake up to WWIII.

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Don’t worry - you may not wake up, Good night.

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