Eir Sport

Is this the old Setanta?
Is it on the upc?

Yes, it’s the old Setanta. No, it’s not on UPC/Virgin Media.

It’s a pain in the hoop not being on virgin


Apparently virgin refused to pay the asking price, Complain to them & say you’re thinking of moving, I’m going to tomorrow. Is there any way of getting the channel on a digital only package or anything?

You can get it with Vodafone. I am cancelling Sky and get it free for 6 months.

The virgin’s hoop?

you have to pay for it on sky as well, but it’s good that RTE are at least doing proper live coverage of the saturday night matches since they got the gig back from newstalk (who never bothered).

You dont have the option to pay for it on virgin, they refused to carry it at all.

can you podcast that coverage @dubintipp

it seems you can:


There were a lot of complaints when this happened last July. Made no difference. They refused to listen. I moved to Sky. Much better service in my view. They carry Eir which you pay Eir directly for. Now I have everything I want at a discount for a year and then roughly the same price I was paying virgin. Happy out to be honest.

Box Nation now included on the Eir Sports pack

Might have to switch but renting and can’t stick a dish on the house I don’t think, they still require a dish?

Yes they do.

one of skys big improvements in the UK to come later this year is that they will go cable, so no dish. That may be coming down your fibre too (if you are lucky enough to have it)

My one gripe with eir, even though it’s great they’re showing 3 games sometimes on Saturday evening is they continue to give scores and updates from the other games, pain in the hoop if you’ve got them recorded and want to watch them after!!

See I enjoy that because I wouldn’t watch 2 full games In a night. Different strokes I suppose

The youff of today, no attentions span!

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See Eir have added Eurosport onto their package at no cost…Roll-on Beach Volleyball…