Election 2020

Your posts are normally intelligent but that one wasn’t. All over this planet, there are political parties who have violent pasts. SF is not the only party here that has. You have probably already voted for parties who have a whiff of cordite in their origins. Labour should fold its tent and join the Doc Dem’s if it wants to build a left voice/vote.


Careful now :joy:

We really have got the best collection of clowns as elected representatives . But do you know what - maybe we get what we deserve …

convicted terrorists , baboons in kerry , the toff elite and another party who gave more backhanders then the mafia

we reap what we sow - we elect gobshites , gangsters and terrorists . we deserve every bit


Jesus lads, youse are so overly defensive about the shinners!

I object to former terrorists being elected. And please don’t raise any nonsense about the war of independence - that’s not the same.
Sinn Fein would have more credibility with me if they ditched them . until then I can’t vote for them. I don’t vote FG or FF either but they’ll never get my vote hanging onto the dinosaurs

Yes. I have voted SF in the 1990s. With reservations. But their IRA links clearly turn off many people. A left wing party without such baggage would be a good option to have for the electorate. I’m interested in a government that treats people decently and personally dont really care who is involved as long as it happens.

Utopian nonsense: the figures indicate a booming economy therefore all is well; beatings will continue until morale improves.


What’s the obsession with having a left and right party? I don’t think either work…somewhere in the middle taking what’s good about both ideology is where we need to be.

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Just out of interest how many current TDs are convicted terrorists?

I can’t believe they’re going to go into a grand coalition- SF will clean up next election.

Does that include politicians whose choices in power caused people’s deaths?

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There it is again in case anyone thought I was exaggerating previously :joy:

It’s a good point.


Its funny how SF is being described as a left wing party, yet many SF supporters I know are far from left wing types. Some closer to far right if im honest and that alone makes me wary.

No fan of FG/FF/SF

Equating terrorism to homeless deaths is absurd.


Theres a strong nationalist thread being seen across Europe

I think SOME SF supporters though have more in common with the likes of UKIP supporters, just different side of same coin. Deluded Nationalism is something I would greatly distrust.

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In your opinion. A pen can kill as easily as a bullet. During the potato blight, political decisions caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in our country. How many homeless people would need to die for you to admit that government inaction killed them? The people up north resorted to violence because politics failed them.


It’s an absurd world.

Victims of terrorism and people dying on the street or on trolleys are consequences of political choices. The housing crisis and subsequent homelessness, or the crisis in health etc are directly caused by people making intentional policy decisions.

Someone mentioned above a figure of 600 people murdered by the IRA during the Troubles. I would say as many died from suicide as a result of the recession and austerity. One doesn’t make the other right I would point out and needless to say both are appalling.

Anyhow. It’s a bit early on a Saturday for this.


But surely the GFA was about moving from armed conflict to a peaceful and democratic one. Isn’t that we overwhelmingly voted for?

It was David Trimble who said because you had a past, doesn’t mean you can’t a have a future.

David Ervine was a UVF Leader who tried to make politics works. What better way to demonstrate a better alternative to violence?

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