English Championship 2018/2019

Started so Ohm can talk about Wigan Athletic.


Which championship are Wigan in?

Rugby League …

There back up after winning League 1.

How are they getting on in the championship? Must be good if winning division 1

Are you conorsalt?

The season hasn’t started yet. I just hope they don’t go straight back down.

Who is that?

in league or championship?

Huge Wigan support here in Ireland because of Will Grigg and his amazing song and also the wonderfully named boy racer Max Power.

Max Power’s eligible for Ireland?

You can’t mention Wigan and not mention the most famous moment in their history

Love this pic from three days later when they lost 4-1 at the Emirates and were relegated


Wind-up merchant Dub09

No I meant about the time Dave Whelan told everyone about how he broke his leg in the FA cup final

Are you talking about the statue?

A talking statue?

David Whelan won a All Ireland minor title with Dublin in 1984 . Played with Wicklow as well.