English Championship 2020/21

Why would they add nothing?

Why ?

I was joining in on @DUB09’s wind up.
I love seeing smaller clubs thrive.

Sorry Beeko got lost on me :+1:

Me two , one of the reasons I want Leicester to qualify for champions league is it will be one in the eye of the established so called big clubs ,haven’t forgotten the voting rights issue of earlier in the season when ironically Leicester wouldn’t have been considered important enough to get extra weighted voting rights no Arsenal would have :frowning:

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Yes. Though Leicester have big bucks behind them too. Not to the level of the others though. But probably the wedge, no pun intended, for Chinese business

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United lead QPR 1 te nil at h/t. Rs had alot of possession and pressure, hopefully get sth out of it

2-1 to the Super Hoops. @Bart knocking back the tins. Bees at it again.


You better believe it. Woeful 1st half performance, upped it the 2nd half. 5 wins out of 6, might avoid the drop😂

Apart from 1000 extra seats in their stadium, being located closer to Central London what to the R’s have to offer the Premier League that Brentford don’t? :wink:
Great win for QPR - on a great run of form.
Brentford looking like shitting themselves again when the golden prize is laid out for them. Norwich winning and Swansea scoring a late winner really rubbing salt into their wounds.
Ivan Toney still banging them in for them however.

You just gotta love the championship promotion race always

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I think QPR will comfortably survive the drop. It would be good for them to build up a bit of momentum ahead of next season.

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If we could only hang onto our players!!!

Same problem facing all Championship teams.


Bowles, Marsh, Venables, Allen, Ferdinand. Allan McDonald, Terry Mancini. Sexton.

Yo-yoing around that league the last few years. Probably no bad thing. All clubs need to try to be ambitious but I think smaller clubs going into the Prem Lg is a poisoned chalice. Not just because of the fact they often get relegated and hardly win any games straight away, but they overreach with spending/wages, and alot of ‘ordinary’ fans can’t afford the price hike.
If I was living in the UK I’d happily go to watch a club every week or two in the Championship.

Sweet win for the Rs, shame no fans there to celebrate it, nothing apart from local rivalry against Brentfarts, (and the red shirts), they still have plenty of time to turn it around. But could be some cracking battles against them in the Chmpshp next season with hopefully crowds allowed back.

Go on Bees, yis know it makes sense!

So we hand Sam to Kerry and Liam to Kilkenny every year?
To history, I say bollox. Sorry.
Though I love the reference to McDonald. And if anyone thinks he doesn’t deserve to be named in that list, they can come and see me about it.

Hey who are you? Henry Ford?

Add a bit of class as well.

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Let Fulham survive, lump Chelsea out and get QPR and Brentford in instead.

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