English Championship 2021/22

Great appointment by WBA if this is the case

Not sure I’d agree. Absolute shambles at Schalke. Arse fell out of it at Huddersfield too. Plenty of other proven managers available too. Sure we’ll see !

Doesn’t look good for the Baggies at all. You’d have to seriously wonder

I suppose if his career wasn’t on a downward trajectory, he mightn’t be available. Lots of good managers have significant career blips don’t they. However he’s in the guru waffler category for me at present, time will tell !

Troy Parrott scored again for MK Don’s tonight.

This is the championship thread. He plays in league one!

On the cards after last night , sad really like Chris and honestly thought it would work out better for him
One of his few failures

Derby County hit with a further 9 point dedeuction.

They must be nearly on minus points at this stage

A win for the Ramsbottoms at the weekend, the great escape has started!

Knowing Leeds may be back in here next year Ive avoided this thread like the plague
Just a quick look at the table its a strong top three not much surprise there , but Im impressed with both Blackburn and QPRs position fairplay , equally didnt expect to see Cardiff so far down the table

Big game for the R’s tonight. I’d take a point, that would keep us in the hunt for a playoff place.

Rooney doing a decent job for derby considering the issues they have .

They have nothing to lose, a few wins and they might even make a bit of a charge to get into a relegation battle. One to watch, if they even got within few points of the second from bottom it would be quite an achievement

And the R’s bounce back with a win away a win away😂

Gonna be on the edge of playoffs at the end I think. Championship is a very entertaining league for most clubs fans, can be both relegation and promo candidates in the same season

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As per the norm, they’re keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Another good win for Derby. Be easy for players to lay down and wait for a move. Rooney keeping them going .


I’d love to see them catch the coat-tails of the two above them

I’ve been more than a little surprised by Rooney but fair play he’s got them motivated can’t be easy, but fair play to the granny lover

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