Eoghan O'Gara Retires

Cheers crazy horse.

Massive cog in out success, put it up to opposition defenders that we weren’t to be bullied.


I’d imagine it’s easy to hang around when getting your game , total respect for someone like EOG who put the hard miles in when it must have been far from easy , Dublin’s best ever Cue Ball , enjoy the club

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Best wishes to Eoghan. One of the few panelists who a couple of young kids to mind while having the massive commitment needed to stay at the top.

Had many great days in blue. 2010 was superb for him as was 2013. Did some untold damage to defenders in latter years also as an impact player, right up to the semi final against Tyrone in 2017.

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He also had a great game against Roscommon in 18 a dead rubber I know but still a handful

Highlights 2010 that goal v Tyrone it was the start of beating big sides in big games.

2013 final he came on for injured mannion terrorised mayo defense so much the pulled Higgins playing at 11 and their most effective forward and had to stick to OGara. Did his hammer and all subs on and he still hobbled around to pre occupy and mayo player.

Maybe not the most skilful ever to don the blue but certainly one of the most honest and hardworking. Great minds will remember the year he did his cruciate, but just prior to it in league games he was shooting the lights out, injury denied him a starting place. Best wishes to guy who gave his best to the county well done Eoghan.


Fare thee well Eoghan O’Gara.

Shine on you crazy diamond and thank you.




O’Gara not the best technical footballer we ever had but played a huge contribution in our success. As others mentioned the goal v Tyrone in 2010 was a game changer for Dublin football, the 2 points against Mayo in 2013 final, Mayo decision not to push Keith Higgins up the field when he tore his hamstring showed respect opposition had for him. The point against Kerry in 2016 AI semi final was massive score. The best game ever saw him play for Dublin was against Laois in league around 2012 when scored 1-5. He was class that day.

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Well done and thanks Eoghan O’Gara. Many important contributions to Dublin this decade and I too think that emphatic finish v Tyrone on a fine sunny day in 2010 was a turning point, finally beating a top team and one that had tanked us two years earlier. Nice challenge at club level now with TSS.


Best of luck to Eoghan, any one who was there will remember his finest moment… that night O’Moore park when he couldn’t miss if he tried :joy:

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He scored a barely believable point from the sideline…it doesn’t look like it’s on YouTube though.

Thanks big man. A great servant to Dublin GAA, you leave us with many great memories.

Best of luck for the future Eoghan and thanks a million for everything

Was that the night he bust one of them boys bodhrans

Agree with Stato here on all of this. He had some huge games for Dublin on big days.

For those with view that he wasn’t the most technically gifted Mick Bohan might beg to differ. Around the early part of the season he scored the 1-5 v Laois Mick had been working with the Dublin squad on a series of skills based drills. These were measured & scored over a number of weeks and months. EOG ended up as the leader across most of the skills areas measured. The guy was a much better footballer than many give him credit for.

A great Dublin player with really great attitude. Loved watching him tear into who ever he was up against.

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Was what I would call a necessary player, a player that offered something different and a player that made the opposition worry a lot, even when he wasn’t playing well, he always had to be watched closely which opened up space for others.
He had a reputation and I often felt he got a lot of cards because of who he was rather than what he did, more often than not his tackles were clumsy but not dirty or cynical. Like Berno I particularly admired the attitude of these lads for plugging away when game time was scarce.


So good, he even had his own song!! Those who were in Kilkenny for the 1st of our recent road trips in Leinster will remember how the fans adopted the White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” to chant Eoghan O’Gara … high praise indeed.

Thanks Eoghan, for all the effort and commitment over the years. Best wishes for the future


From what I heard the Dublin players were singing that most of the way back to Dublin on the bus. He got some stick over it :grinning:


Eoghan played a huge role in ending the doldrum years. Attitudes needed changing both in our camp and the opposition and Eoghan was to the fore in that regard.

He made some telling contributions on the biggest of days and is decorated like a 5 star general as a result.