Lads. Young lad finding it difficult to get accommodation in Huelva Andalusia Spain for his Erasmus. Long shot I know but any help or advice appreciated. Only got his placement last week so most accommodation has been taken. Cheers.

Can he get a place in a tourist hostel with locker facilities short term? He may find it easier once there.

Defo hostels the way to go short term anyway few of our lads went away last week doing the same ,

If they’re looking for someone to share a place

The hostels idea might help him acquaint with people looking for the same.

Big P lives in Barcelona ,talk to him ??

Cheers lads for advice. hopefully he gets sorted with accommodation. he has a grant so shillings isn’t a problem.

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How’s the young lad faring out @Wallopeddonkey ?

Livin the dream. works 15 hours a week in school. Gets paid and an erasmus grant. Off Sat. Sun and Mon. Playin a bit of ball in Seville. Hes played in Madrid. Gibraltar and Marbella. Away skiing this weekend for his 21st with a gang of his mates that went over. From a worrying start its turned out Brilliant. Of course he came home at Christmas and got covid.


Ah great to hear - apart from the Covid!

Only just saw this entire thread! Woulda been all over it. Where did he end up staying at the start??

In a hotel in Bonaras for 2 weeks. Hooked up with a lad from Belfast and got sorted at last minute with a 2 bedroom apt. Got a lift in and out of work. While waiting for lift home he was able to use schools library and computer for his college work. Party central. Made friends with Serbs, Germans, Yanks and Culchies. Told him he should do the lotto,

Class. Memories for a lifetime