Eric Lowndes … grma

This man deserves a thread. A real pity to see him bow out as his versatility was a real asset to the squad. Seemed to be going well in the League too. And maybe that versatility cost him a regular place - much the same as Buttsy.

Great servant and always reliable. Best of luck to Eric in the future. :clap:


Good post. Sad to see him go. Best of luck to him.


As I said on the other thread, nothing but appreciation for what lads like Lowdnes have given tothe cause, always responded when called upon .


Didn’t realise he was gone, unlucky not to see more game time over the years. Was never worried when I saw him coming on as you knew he was solid out.

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Good player, will be missed.

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What age is Eric 29? Bot good to see all these experienced players stepping away.


A lot younger than I thought.

Lowndes was minor in 2011 & 2012.

Time flies

Best of luck with the future Eric, GRMA.

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a great player, best of luck :clap::+1::ok_hand:

Would be great to see him back hurling with Peregines.


An absolute gent off pitch too. Hell of an athlete and battled back from injuries too


Another one gone? We’ll be grand, sure we’ve loads of experienced defenders… Best of luck Eric.

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Top player surprised he didn’t get more game time recently

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Always happy when I saw Eric coming on to the pitch, a really solid and underrated player. Sad to see him going but best of luck to him

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Mr Reliable, give him a job and it was considered done. He’ll be missed.

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Thanks Diarmo


Great work Eric, enjoy the extra life