Euro 2016

And you’d bring back change out of it, and a nice tan to crow about.

You’d be raven about the tan alright

I told my wife I was going over, but I was only having heron… Seriously though, no way I’d make it over there, with my pigeon French.

Don’t worry, I have my coat.

*Toucan play that game. Not going to grouse but most people would have wren a mile from posting that one but you were too swift.

*already buried somewhere on old site

It’s tough to swallow, and it’s given me a headache… I’ve no dispirin though, the paratseatemall!

That’s eyrie. Or are you trying to duck out of work? Get a doc to have a gander …

Are you that gullible? Well this has been a pheasant conversation but I must dash, hens forth, I won’t partake in pun fests… They go against cormorant sense!

Hmmm chickening out … Afraid you will ostrichcise yourself? If you want to finch this fair enough. … not my fault you can’t coop.

Jaysus, you turn your back for two minutes…

On a serious note, how do we all think we’ll do?

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ingbird, I’d say a swift exit is likely. Must get a draw against Swedes or we may as well just get the flock outta there. Italy aren’t any great shakes but if they don’t win one of their first two games then they have to beat us, in which case we’re goosed. So it’s hard to s peck ulate til we see some results.

**Dub09, loved the “Canaries…cheaper” one :smile:

bird pun-free zone

Back in the day the advent of a major championship involving Ireland would occupy my every thought. I used to have to go for a walk - maybe 10 smokes during games. Now I have little or no interest - I don’t think I watched any of our games in Poland last time - though I would like to see us do well.

I think the playoffs and increased qualification numbers has demeaned the Finals. The second stage is now the old first stage.

I don’t see us win any game but you look at Greece and Leicester and you’d never know. Alas we are a measly 100/1 (same as Sweden) but incredibly 25 points shorter than Ukraine and Czech and 50 less than Romania.

As Gay Byrne once said - I live in howth …

If it rains, we might win a game or two under the _Duck_worth/Lewis method?
Oh, sorry, wrong sport.

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Fixed that for you! :wink:

Ah sure we put so much into the glory glory days of 88, 90, 94, and 2002 it was always going to be a big hangover. In truth, apart from the novelty and ‘national festival magic’ element wearing off as it always will do eventually, it’s the fact that we have weak teams who have little chance of progress in finals now that puts people off.

Our ambitions increased with aviary finals we got to, and inverse proportionally since 2002 our squad has got weaker and weaker. “Just getting there” bears no resemblance to Euro 88 or even Italia 90, and that was a squad with many top quality players playing for the best clubs in Britain, at a time when the English league was stronger in European/world terms.

With all that in mind, my expectations are very low, so that managing to qualify the last two Euros I see as something of a bonus, even allowing for the changes in qualification making it a bit easier. I also think back to the ‘football’ played under St Jack (neanderthal for the most part, and with our home-games on what was at times a ploughed field), and it makes watching us now much easier. Also I feel they are a really honest, hard-working bunch with little or no prima-donna carry-on, so I actually do feel very proud of them when they go out there representing us. Especially when you look at the attitude of some other nations’ players.

Ok at times we go negative and long-ball, and people are used to watching the best teams/players in Europe playing great ball on the telly all the time but realistically what we are playing under O’Neill is actually very good. When it doesn’t look good it’s because we have to get a result, and in fairness results against the World Champions X2 are not results we used to get back in the day pre-Charlton when we also had better players than now.

So I expect very little in the finals and that makes it enjoyable anyway (ok in Poland we were very poor but all sorts of teams go down badly in some finals, even great ones (Spain in Brazil) so again, realistic expectations girls! Finally there was the whole I Keaneo fall-out, I think that left a very sour taste for many that hasn’t really cleared to this day.

Joey Barton to liven up the TV3 punditry. Should make interesting viewing!!! " 'Neymar is the Justin Bieber of football. Brilliant on Youtube. Catpiss in reality."

Barton about to join Glasgow Rangers… was offered a contract to continue with Burnley in the PL but he turned it down. I wonder why? Rangers offering more money, I reckon? Do they have the money?

That was an impressive read. Well done to all involved.

Small enough crowd in for the Holland friendly

Really don’t get soccer. Played off the pitch for 30 minutes. We’re somehow leading 1-0.

Then KEVIN Kildare says the dutches have been poor to watch …

I was at it and thought the Dutch were poor, but poor by their standards that it, ie. poor for a team that finished 3rd in the last world Cup & runner-up in the previous one. They were playing like a team just getting through the end of season fixture out of the way (can’t blame them for that).

That said they were still in a different class to Ireland, much better 1st touch, better game plan.