Euro 2020 (2021)

Not at all surprising.

Russia makes sense in that they have the infrastructure from the 2018 WC in terms of accommodating teams, Stadia etc… Only issue is how honest they are regarding their control of corona even if we are 7 months away.

The Ultimate safe pair of hands of course would be Germany but given they have Euro 2024 do they host twice in a row (wouldn’t have an issue. Germans would host every Euros if I had my way) or do you re-open bidding again with 3 years notice

Send them all to New Zealand to play it, least there’ll be fans at the games then…


I don t care who hosts as long as we are spared the embarrassment of hosting Norn iron in Dublin while we look on in.


First thing I thought of. At least we won’t have them fucks rubbing our noses in it if they qualify

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