Europa League 2018/19

Europa league stuff here

If Brighton qualify this year will they have to Brixit?

More like a Bright-Zit

I see Chris Forrester , formally of Bohs & St Pats is on the bench for Aberdeen .Fair play to him , hope he does well there .

Flóra and Progrèss Niederkorn both had good wins. Which once again proves the benefits of a healthy breakfast.


Anyone know where I’d get highlights of Vikingur v Torpedo Kutaisi?

Oh oh oh oh, oh OhMGosh

I see where Inchicore are playing The Super Saints in the FAI Cup next week. That should be interesting. The winners might get to play the team that emerges from the battle between Dublin Bus and CIÉ Ranch. Hold onto yer hats!

Will that be all ticket?

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Hibs go through :clap::clap::clap:

between Dublin Bus and CIÉ Ranch

Will it start on time…

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4.2 Burnley , good effort from Aberdeen.

Pats played CIE transport as I think they were called en route to losing the 1980 cup final. Took pats to a replay . Remember going to both games.

Employee, or Secret SS fan?

You’ll wait 88 minutes for a goal and then four come along at once.


They’ll need to strike it well…

Dublin Bus don’t take corners too well.

However they score highly on Fareplay.