Europa League 2019/2020

UEFA Europa League Group Stages start today but we don’t have a thread yet for the 2019/20 edition so I’ll post it here.

:luxembourg: Dudelange are headed to Cyprus to face APOEL.

The team have landed in Nicosia.

Also this hype video has been released on the F91 Dudelange twitter feed.

Dudes are in front in Cyprus 1-0.

Daniel Sinani with the goal!

Ah @Ohm! I’m working late and taping it on the Betamax.

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Oh my sainted aunt what a win! Didier from the F91 Fanatics just texted to tell me we have won 3-4 in Cyprus!

Nicos Anastasiades, Angie Bowie, Stavros Konstantinou, Marcos Baghdatis, Archbishop Makarios can you hear me … your boys took a helluva beating!!


Great day for the parish!


By strange coincidence I sat down to watch the game and at the exact same time as Dudelange landed in Nicosia my wifes arse landed on the sofa to watch the soaps so I never got to see the game :cry:




Dudelange’s first home game today as they face :azerbaijan: Qarabag at the Stade Josy Barthel (National stadium of Luxembourg). Good luck to all the Dudes and dudettes supporters.

Good conditions for the game - 9 degrees and cloudy with little or no wind. This is of course Dude’s third competitive fixture v the Bags. Third time lucky. Nelson told me they are expecting a large and vocal crowd who (in his own words) ‘will give much passion and shoutings to the home team.’

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Rangers lost 2-1 to a 94th minute goal after being 1 up at half time. Sporting bliss.

Ai ai Karamba! Abdellah Zoubir the French-Moroccan attacking midfielder has given the visitors the lead.


Not good news because Qarabag are known to concede very few goals in their European matches. :frowning:

EDIT : Oh no! Michel has a 2nd goal for the Azerbaijani champions. Not looking good.

United held 0-0 earlier. Arsenal 3-0 up… Young Brazilian striker with 2 peachy goals.

Poor Standard Liege but these Arsenal youngsters are impressive.

In their European matches … huh? Let me tell you that in 6 League games in the Land of Fire they have conceded just 1 goal!

Give it to Giggsy.

Dudelange game currently suspended?! You causing trouble @Ohm?

I think its a power outage that caused the stoppage.


Crazy scenes in Dudelange-Qarabağ game as a drone carrying Armenian flag flies over center circle. Outraged Qarabag players from Azerbaijan pick up the ball and try to knock the drone out of the sky.

#UEL game has now been suspended.