Europa League 2022/2023

Lad, you went through the bottom of the barrel months ago, I’ve just joined you.

You don’t expect Gents to behave like that.


Yeh but mine is a barrel of laughs.

Shamrock Rovers running Rangers mighty close in terms of being the shittest team in Europe.

:grin: jaysus you’re more bitter than me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Great to see the obsession with Rovers continues for the serial losers😂

Jack Byrne just takes a bloke out blatant as you like and him and Bradley get yellows for complaining.

They’ve more yellow cards in this game than goals and points in the whole competition.

It’s mire embarrassing than having Dustin or Jedward in Europe.

In my world they’re not in Europe, I haven’t watched a single minute of any of their games

What’s the gold star for on their jerseys? Did they finish all their homework?

Finished ahead of the gyppos star😉. You need not worry, Bowes will not be troubling Europe anytime soon.

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Same as Rovers so.

Boden might do a job on the Red Mancs tonight.

:joy: it’s nearly over - United are 1 up!

I meant in the travel variety, that is of course outside of the holidays to Maga.

You’ve lost me

They need to win by 2 to top the group though

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Bowes will only be in Europe on their holidays

United need a goal to top the group . Have two attacking options on the bench and bring on Maguire . Can’t understand the thinking behind it . A draw left them in same situation

United got Barca

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Keeper handled it well