Europa League 2022/2023

Man Utd 5/2 favs to win this outright, afrertheir win last night. They play Betis next, the mighty gooners got Sporting of Lisbon. Both should progress handy enough, unless Arsenal play the 2nd string and come a cropper.

Juventus at 8/1 the value. If they can avoid Man Utd they might go close. No distractions domestically

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I prerequisite of being a goalkeeper?

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No criminal charges pending?

Not sure. Doubt it would affect participation in later stages of Europa either way? No distractions as in safe in Serie A and top 4 probably unrealistic.

Betis going well this season.


Why do clowns like this think they would be able to take on a professional athlete. If the keeper didn’t just hold him down and wait for security he could have knocked 7 shades of shite out of him

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It shouldn’t happen in Sports or daily life but this loo lah just announced himself and said, very loudly, “I am a ‘head the ball’. Lock me up.”

Not as well as Barcelona or Sociedad, so Man United won’t be in fear (despite losing to latter at home in group stage I think)

Yeh but I suppose the point is that Barca possibly don’t seem to give a great amount of bollix about the Europa, based on their tame exit last year? Maybe they are just stronger this year though, time will tell.
Man Utd should of course be too strong for Betis.

Arsenal v Sporting is worth a watch, cracking game.

Sporting just levelled the game with a wonder goal, chipped the keeper from over 40 yards.

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