True, I guess some people are making their minds up!

And with others it will drive them La La La

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Dana what you’re talking about!

Are you having a hard time making your mind up?

He’s concerned about meeting his Waterloo

Maybe he should say Hold me Now to someone then…

All kinds of everything, remind you of me!

Congratulations on spotting that…

Ah heee-or! As someone once said in exasperation!

You have to qualify for this bleedin’ thing now? Last I remember we were constantly falling for the old “Well you did win it. You have to host it next year now” trick.

To be fair, we all slag off the Eurovision, but I know Ryan, hes worked with me on one of my own releases and he is an absolute gent and a very talented man. I am absolutely delighted for him!


What’s another year?

Back in our day, there was just Russia and/or Yugoslavia competing. Now, there are 5476 former Balkan states & 765 former soviet republics that are all their own country these days. As there are just too many countries competing now, to have it all over & done with on the one night, there are the 2 two semi final heats that you have to qualify from.

Here endeth the lesson.
Tomorrow’s lesson: Who in the name of Johnny Logan let Australia in? :roll_eyes:

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Australia is replacing the UK in the European Union.

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Fair swap. Better weather, better women :+1:


Australia were robbed in 2016. Their song “The Sound of Silence” was easily the best song, I think it was in the lead after the juries’ vote.
But Ukraine won with what was a pretty average sounding song, but politically motivated.

Maybe we’d win again with an updated version of Come Out Ye Black and Tans

The Eurovision eastern bloc voting would make even Putin blush. :zipper_mouth_face:

And Marty just loves to complain about it every year :laughing:
That said, it helps those countries into the top 10 but it usually is the best song that wins. Since 2012 Sweden (x2), Denmark and Portugal won in their own right, and they wouldn’t have many ‘allies’ in the voting system. Austria too, but their entry was about more than just the song.

This - chhhoooooonnnnn!!!

Well done to Shaugho. A few good tunes in it but most of the ballads got knocked out. So either Ryan hasn’t a hope or he might stand out if not many ballads get through from the 2nd semi. The operatic singer’s dress special effects were the bomb.